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Lots guys really get going with this

But most girls actually hate the idea let alone the ACT of getting cum sprayed in their face from 10 guys all at once. But you’ll know when a girl is really into you when she ASKS you to cum on her face! Some girls will swallow too but they actually think its more of a compliment to you if they ask you to aim right between the eyes~!


As for me, I believe in giving the best service, delivering top quality at the lowest price!

You can grab my true crime stories right here!

That’s the link! Copy and paste it into your address bar and hit shift!

Or just go to Amazon Kindle and type “ricky d. stupid stories” in their search bar!


This is a picture that got my first page on facebook torn down because it violates community standards

Fuck community standards! That’s why I write! All my stories are true and they’re about people who REALLY violate ANY standards! Community Standards is just another way of saying “Just do what I SAY, not what I do!”


Lots of girls scare guys away by bragging about how they only go for big cocks

Don’t let ’em scare you! These girls only WISH and that’s why they talk about it so much is because they’re like guys who brag about all the chicks they get and don’t because they’re fucking jerks! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again: you don’t have to have a big dick for the girl of your dreams –it’s your personality that matters most! This gorgeous blond is hungry and this guy doesn’t have a big dick. It’s just regular. It looks so big because its FAT. One of my good friends (who has a normal sized dick) always says when a stupid girl asked him how big his dick is, “I’m only 3 inches, but some girls like it that wide!”

An Action Blonde 006

It’s legal in Canada to go topless!

But the thing that really gets me going is BOTTOMLESS!


You know you’re in for a treat…

When those cute little feet pop up!


Every time I show you a site, that’s because I recommend it!

Funny thing today is that you should enjoy these while you can because, believe it or not the thrill is over and most hot girls aren’t posing anymore.


Don’t look undecided

Look interested in what she says when you ask her about herself when you get talking for the first time. And that’s where most guys fuck up–when they see a girl like this on a nude beach and she’s just standing there for the picking, THEY DON’T EVEN SAY ANYTHING!


Don’t get jealous, once you get your dream girl

Do you know that’s the reason why most sudden break-ups occur? But WHAT  do you say to a hotty the first time you meet her to get her to this point with you? Most guys blow it by talking about themselves. If she asks you, tell her but don’t go on and on–save that for after you’ve fucked and like each other more! To start, ASK HER ABOUT HERSELF.


These days you don’t have to struggle to spread a girl’s legs

All you gotta do after you know she likes you, is SAY the right things. But how do know you what the right things are? I showed you–just scroll back!