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You may have been wondering…

What exactly is my type? When it comes to guys, I take all comers! I even fucked a guy once who had no arms and no dick, and it was awesome! When it cums to girls, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I LIKE:


Just take your time and don’t act like she’s your first lay!

That way you’ll never have to guess what she’d like. Just be friendly, horny, easy going,  and the fun-loving guy you are, and do whatever you please with her. She’ll tell you what she wants by getting into her favourite position before you can say “Suck my dick”!


Part of the thrill of being tied up is NOT asking for it!

Call me a cunt, but I lose interest when a guy or a girl asks me if they can do this, or do that. If you both get into a sexual conversation before hand, that’s the time ask these interesting questions–“Getting To Know You Time”. When you’ve started into foreplay you’re into FUCK TIME! That’s the time to do whatever pops into your horny head! The SURPRISE and spontaneity of it will turn her right on —AND UP TO THE MAX! 

Believe me, if she’s not into whatever shit you’re trying out she’ll tell you and you can try something else. Just don’t be a pussy and say “Sorry”! If a girl wanted a pussy instead of a man like you, she would have got one!



That’s why you see tons of these pictures on the net. Girls don’t get aroused fast like guys unless their horny sluts like me. They like to be teased a little. SO start off gentle and even when you do get down between their legs… tease ’em around the clit first, before you get to the clit itself. She’ll love you for it, and will spread her lips for you just like this! because she loves it SO MUCH! When you’ve succeeded in driving her MOOCO LOCCO, she’ll stick her clit right in your face for you to take the hint she’s ready for a good licking! –after all a clit is only a miniature dick without balls, but with a thousand more nerve endings then a guy’s knob, so even when you’re ready to lick the clit–go easy for starts.

Girls are so hung up on the way they look

Even big fat bitches think they’re hot as long as they have nice clothes! If you’re like most guys I know, you really don’t care what a bitch is wearing. You care about what she’s not wearing under her clothes. Even though girls think like this, most of them don’t know how to dress, and expect guys not to dress nice! Sort of putting tape on your mouth, don’t talk about you, you, you like most guys. Instead, start off with a big smile, a hello and then ask her simple questions about herself.


One of my best friends is a “Bush Man”

Just looking at a big hairy cunt, drives him crazy! He loves me to death, but I don’t do a thing for him because I’m bald between and legs and look like a fucking 10 year old–even with make-up! Don’t worry boys!  GIRLS aren’t this picky and only need one thing from you–your sincere interest in who they are as a person! If you think this is bullshit, you’re probably still wondering why you can never get a hot chick of your own!



This isn’t me, but I’ve got her body and I’m even FLATTER than she is! Guys are still all over me–even the ones who tell me they’re “big fake tit men” after they fuck me. The cool thing about women, is that they really don’t care about looks –first yeah, but what they really want is a man who is into them and asks them what they need and solves their problems!


I know they would NEVER let this on my Facebook page!

Millions on people are kinky! You probably are too! This pic is so sexual and erotic in nature it would never fly on FB–even though she’s fully dressed! But that’s fine with me cause its safe here with me! I love this “sex furniture”! See how easy it is to build? My hubby has been building this gear for our Swinger’s Club for years–only a lot more fancy and luxurious. We’re thinking since our club members love this shit so much, of turning it into a business! You can turn anything into money! You just have to take the time to think!



I’ve always had a crush on Holly Randle!

Holly is a girl–well, actually she’s a pretty old lady now! But she’s still beautiful and taking awesome pictures just like these! Holly also happens to be a hard-core lesbian even though she started out as a Men’s porn star! I discovered her when I was just a little girl surfing on my mom’s PC before she went crazy and I ran away. My mom is better now and so am I, and Holly’s daughter has taken over the business. So don’t label yourself and say,  “I can’t succeed”, because of all your excuses–find out what you’re passionate about and just DO IT~!


Don’t worry if your place is a dump!

Most guys assume they can’t bring a new girl home because they’re poor. The girl you bring home today, doesn’t need a fucking palace! Whatever you live in, just keep it clean and organized –for sex especially!–an she’ll be writhing in ecstasy before you know it!