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I never made a move!

All I did to inspire her to drop her pants was to show her the freedom I live by!


Get them barking up the right tree with YOU!

You can have girls falling over themselves before you even try to make your move, just by showing them your happiness!


You don’t have to be a REAL girl to be a good girl!

All you have to do is get into the fucking moment!


You’ll see her later but I love this so much Kiss me cause I ‘ll give you a preview now!


Magic moments happen!

First you must create the magic inside of you!


They’ll be jumping all over you when you radiate

the fact that you DO have something to offer: ENERGY!


People will open up to you if…

You open up to them! And I’m not talking about letting them see and feel your bad shit, I’m talking about the positive dynamic creative happening YOU!

Nude Beach Dreams 15

dO things differently every day!

Just doing one thing in your life differently every day to try a new angle, gives you that dynamic radiance that attracts people to you like a magnet!MetArt_Suonanao_Nastya-K--Susana-C_medium_0119

Banish your negative thoughts!

When you’re working toward a whole new YOU! ~THE PEOPLE OF YOUR DREAMS WILL BE FALLING INTO YOUR LAP!


Get them chomping at the bit!

When you’re working on your own issues in a positive way, you don’t have to be fake to be positive. Your natural goodness will shine through, your friendly smile will draw them in and magic starts to happen: see them get juicy-hard for you in front of your eyes!