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Getting fucked upside down and backwards is one my favs!

The reason I love this position so much is that you can get fucked in the ass or pussy (or both with a strap-on) at the same time as your lover fondles your front parts! (Getting bitten all over the back while this is happening is also fun too!)



Oh, its just a piece of clothing on zee floor! The reason she looks so disturbed is probably because she’s about to get raped. Raping or getting raped is not a good thing. But if you like to enact rape fantasies where you pretend with your lover that you don’t want to get fucked but really do –well! Go right ahead, PLEASE!


I hate to say this but if you have zits on your ass a lot….

Then you’re not taking the steps for correct ass hygiene:

1. don’t sit on strange toilet seats whenever possible

2. clean your own toilet seat every night before your shower and then wipe it with the alcohol soaked cotton ball you’ve just used to wipe your face after your shower!

3. clean yourself and your ass every night and then don’t sit bare-assed on anything after, you know is not clean!

4. wear clean panties every morning

5. and whatever you do, don’t get piss and shit on your ass in the toilet!


Getting fucked real good in a tool shed is part of growing up!

Well, at least getting sucked real good anyway! If you missed this part of growing up you can try it as an adult, but its just not the same. So just forget about it until you die and want to come back in a new body and make sure you have a go the second time around. There’s no such thing as Hell to punish people when they die, there’s only an infinity of second chances to get it right the next time!

Olga - The Tool Shed - 19

A Stupid Summer Tip That works!

If you’re like me and running around naked most of the time fucking strangers, then mosquitoes can be a big problem. I don’t use bug spray cause it drys your skin permanently with extended use; so I use natural non-petroleum based oils instead. When I do hit a skeeter, I remember they’re agile little bastards and even when I hit one and think I’ve squashed the fuck out of it, I make double sure and fully flatten my hand and sweep it across  where I hit it! You didn’t know I was a serial mosquito killer, did you?


A face is magic!

a face can enchant you or turn you off! a good face is hard to find. not because there are so few beautiful ones. there are billions! the rare face is the face that’s perfect for you!

you can have a beautiful face and have acne and think you’re ugly. you’re NOT! only Pin-Heads notice your acne instead of your beautiful face. but just to let you know, when I was a teen my acne was so bad I wanted to kill myself. then my mom took me to a specialist who cured me! I was 13 I went back to that beautiful magic doctor and fucked him right in his office just to say thanks! but do you know how he cured me? he gave me rules and said if I followed them my face would totally clear up and it did!

Here are the rules:

1. avoid candy and chocolate

2. avoid junk food

3. every night after you shampoo your hair, wash your face with special  Benzyl Peroxide acne soap with

4. after your shower dry your self and then apply 99% rubbing alcohol to  the acne areas

5. when the alcohol dries in seconds, apply and acne ointment with a least 5% Benzyl Peroxide….                and that’s it!

If your acne is really bad, do this procedure in the morning as well!


I’d like to know what grabs your eye about her

For me its her ass!  When I was quite young, but old enough to understand sexual slang, I couldn’t understand why anyone would think an ass was sexy! That when I was 10. Now that I’m 23 I know that’s my favourite part of a girl. I don’t understand why a girl would let her ass go all to hell. I mean, there’s so much you can do with a hot ass! This girl’s ass is so hot I don’t even notice her beautiful tattoos at first!


It’s just my preference, not my judgement

I try not to judge anybody except when they hurt or try to hurt me so I can deal with it in a positive way. So when it comes to tattoos, I would never get one because I’m expressive enough with my mouth and my hands (both in sex and in writing) to need a symbol branded on my perfect skin to communicate what I’m about. But for other people –especially like this girl here, who’s not plastered with them, they can be a truly beautiful thing!



Whether you’re a girl or a guy, penetration is what we want. I just know that in this picture its hard to tell if this cock is real or not! I have nothing against dildos (as a matter of fact that’s the name of the first story in my new book called, “Strap-on”) its just that because I’m such a little nympho slut and always have more real cocks on hand than I can handle, I hardly ever use dildos alone! In those precious times I have time to myself –alone–I write!


Sometimes a beautiful woman with a beautiful cock is exactly what you need!

I’m all excited to tell you that I’ve started a brand new novel in the Erotica genre and it should be coming out the first of August sometime. Than another for the first of September. My latest in the Stupid Stories true crime series, should be out in the next two weeks and will have PICTURES! just for fun! Speaking of pictures, I don’t know what I like better, the knob or the sexy hand!

In the meantime, get warmed up for my latest books right here!