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Even though I don’t have big tits, I like to play with girls who do!



I had to take a fuck break, but I’m back, and this is zee way I just got fucked–my hubby likes to do the talkin if ya know what I mean!backdoor79112

Every boy wants fast cars and fast women!

…and sometimes even fast boys!


Even in this day and age some chicks …

…have a hard time finding their clits!


The girl behind the facebook smile

Some chicks dicks are even bigger than guys!


Cumming for a ride with us?

Many of my fans are feeling frustrated they  can’t live wild a free. THE BIG SECRET IS THAT YOU CAN! Get started and get your feet wet and take a ride on zee WILD SIDE with me! You can get lots of bright ideas right in my books and live life the way YOU WANT! Take your first big step to FREEDOM BY CLICKING HERE:


Classy Slut Cheat Setting equals…

…a slutty shot of a cheap slut. Just joking! Whenever I say slut its a term of endearment because I myself am a cheap slut and proud of it so fuck you! Don’t worry, I’m not feeling mad, just frisky! When people DO get mad at me and want to kill me because I love sex so much, I take it as a compliment. Can you imagine all the fucking guys in BACK-ASSWARD MUSLIM women -hating countries like Afghanistan who would just love to rape me and cut me into little pieces for being a slut, and having this site, my facebook page AND writing my books? It makes my head spin! Being naughty makes me so horny just talking like this, I’m being forced into insert a vibrating dildo into my cunt right now just so that I can cum and calm down! When you’re like me and your hubby is a swinger nympho too, and connected to zee Mafia and zee Hells Angels, you don’t have anything to worry about!


If you live in a city don’t feel land-locked!

Being in a city without close access to open water can leave a lot of horny people feeling claustrophobic! But you don’t need open water to be nude in public. Even though its still very dangerous to be nude in public, every city has at least one BIG park. You’d be very  surprised what you can get away with in a big park!


How I wish!

This awesome shot is taken on a train! It’s so perfect for me because in zee  new EROTICA novel I’m working on right now,  zee whole scene in chapter 5 is set on zee Canadian Rail Transcontinental! My new short story collection “Strap-On” has awesome pictures like this one which I wasn’t able to publish on Kindle. So now I’m looking for a new publisher who’ll let me put any fucking picture I want into my books!



Zee next shot after this will be of the same girl, but it will have a completely different effect on you. So when you’re trying to an effect on someone, don’t come on too strong at one position but just keep things natural relaxed and casual so they get to see you from as many angles as possible.