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She’ll be begging to suck your cock!

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Ever had girls begging to go down on you?

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I don’t go for fat girls!

But just in case you do, here’s one just for you!


You can have zee keys to solving others people’s problems

But they won’t take them even if you offer them for free! Why? Stupid=Stubborn!


Her tits aren’t even that big!

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Some girls like to play dress-up!

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Could this be what you’ve been looking for?

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Power Bait!

Lot’s of bitches are obsessed with power and having control over zee men they fuck. They buy expensive tits or expensive accessories to make their tits look big because that’s they’re power bait to get you hooked on them! In a few days I’m going to show you how you can turn zee tables on these bitches and have them groveling at your feet, no matter how out of shape you are or how much money you got!


Some girls are in love with their own tits!

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