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My girl you all loved…

But fucking Facebook took down just because you could see her tits! I’m telling you! Facebook is just a symbol of everything that is wrong with America AND Canada! That’s why you have me! ricky d! So here she is again and this time –just because you’re HERE–you can not only see her tits, but her beautiful cunt, and body too! What a perfect costume! Have a great Halloween everyone and make sure you go to a party because people are most free and uninhibited when in disguise and therefore, are more likely to fuck you than not!


Become a nudist and practice yoga

Even people with little time should. 10 minutes a day is all it takes rejuvenate your body and prime it for healthy living. Being a nudist for me, means that when I’m naked, its my personal signal anyone discovering me, that I’m ready to fuck!

And just remember, there is no Hell. Here’s what you get when you finally kick zee bucket:

You are loved and cherished

You have nothing to fear

There is nothing you can do wrong


Got a thing for tan lines?

I used to until I became a nudist! I became a nudist when I was ten, but that’s another story!


Have you ever undressed a girl that made you cry?

I love zee human body so much–when it is perfect–that I often burst into tears and thank zee goodness of zee universe for what I am about to eat!


Undressing your sex partner is half zee fun!

If a guy or a girl is too slow, I usually just rip their fucking clothes off! I’m a nympho so every time I’m about to fuck, feels like I haven’t had it in forever! There are girls who get REALLY turned on if you go extra slow to undress them so pay attention: if she just stands there or lays there, she’s telling you she likes to be undressed–and admired while you’re doing it!


Becoming a pussy professional isn’t that hard!

Touching and licking a pussy requires just one thing, “GENTLE”. Go gentle young man, and start slow so she can tell you what she likes and how she likes it because you’re not a mind-reader like me! So never be offended if you don’t start out right cause every girl is different!


My favourite lunch!

If you’ve never eaten a girl like this–in this position, try it! You’ll thank me!


I wouldn’t fuck her, but…

I know I have fans that would!


If don’t believe me, go fuck yourself!

In zee summer I go rollerblading A LOT! But of course being me, I do it different than most girls! Even though I don’t have big beautiful tits like this beauty, I dress like her and just wear a tight thong for my perfect luscious ass, and go topless! Its legal in Canada and it’s zee BEST way for a girl to get laid SEVERAL times in one trip! Just seeing me whiz by when you’re driving is guaranteed to brighten up your day! But if you have zee balls to stop me, and have a condom, I’ll let you lie me over the hood of your car on zee side of zee road and fuck my brains out!


I used to drink a lot

Now I only drink water and ice tea! Drinking a lot is bad for you in many ways but so many people drink too much because it feels so good. A good way to know for sure if you’re drinking too much has 3 factors but any one you agree with should cause you to stop:

1. people complain about you when you’re drunk

2. you get a wicked hang over EVERY time you drink.

3. you’re doctor warns you that you are pre-diabetic!

Even if you’ve never had these warning signs, and you get pissed every week you will age and get ugly incredibly fast!

I smoke weed and take magic mushrooms and get higher than ever and stay perfectly healthy because they are both proven to be good for you! Quit drinking alcohol. You’ll be happy you did!

OK, now you can get wasted this Halloween and start over Nov1 with a whole new plan! Happy Halloweenie you guys! Love you long time! xoxoxox