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Fabulously attractive girls really don’t need clothes anyway!

Unless of course you live in Canada like me! Clothes where invented to hide hot women, and men with little dicks!



Lot’s of WHITE Canadian Girls Just Don’t tan…

But that doesn’t make them any less sexy!


Even guys can ride a Double dong!

Just like these girls here, only with one small adjustment in positioning! Zee end of zee dong in zee guy’s ass, stimulates his prostate which is zee female equivalent of zee girl’s G-spot!


I love sex so much, I write about it!

There’s really cool scene in my new book I’m working on called “The Quad Rider” where in one scene a girl gets worshiped standing up, and another hilarious scene about two naked girls doing a mock UFC match and one gets her toe stuck in zee other’s cunt. This really happened on a nude beach one year and was hilarious! Then in my true sex crime Stupid Stories series, there is a story calling “Toe Picking Girl” who gets her mom more customers to her fruit stand by sitting behind and above her on fruit crates picking her toes. As she does, her legs are spread and zee customers get a tantalizing eye-full of her luscious 10 year old cunt and turns them into instant pedophiles and big buyers of her mother’s fruit!



Looks Can Be Decieving!

Who would ever think that this petite little thing could have such nice big CUNT LIPS! They don’t matter much for girl on girl action but come in totally handy for guys cause they can wrap-around your cock for extra pleasure!


Toe Fucking is an art!

Both guys and girls can get toe-fucked by their lovers. All you need is some lover’s lube and a good pair of nail clippers so you don’t turn into a Toe-slasher from a Toe-fucker!


I live in Canada and swim at a fresh water NUBE BEACH

But even then, I rinse off after cumming in from zee lake so my pussy always stays fresh for eating!  Honestly! I get eaten SO MUCH in zee course of a day and night it would make most mortals heads spin!


Our NUDE resort is on a public beach because we’re EXHIBITIONISTS!

We stand and carry on on our private property naked in front dressed people on zee public beach. This gets me horny-er then a 10-peckered Owl!


Salt water can rot pussy faster than air to lettuce!

When ever you come out from a dip in zee sea, get a fresh water rinse!


We don’t get our cunts rubbed in public for nothin!

We get our cunts rubbed in public because we’re Exhibitionists and we get a BIG THRILL from being naked and having sex in front of strangers wearing clothes. Some of them stop and cum try and fuck us and I say, bring it on Baby! Zee more zee merrier!