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99 problems but zee bitch ain’t one! Happy New Years!

You can have a ton of problems in your life, but if you have a hot girl or guy who loves you, you can get behind anything! So take this opportunity to find someone perfect just for you and then for sure you’ll have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! LOVE YOU GUYS! xoxoxoxox


A great new years idea if you live in hick town with small strip bar

A while ago when I was sixteen and decided I was old enough to hook my way across zee cuntry, I ended up in a small mining town in Northern Ontario. I made a ton of money off zee miners who hadn’t seen a hot girl since they were in zee big city. It was new year’s night and all zee miners balled my brains out expect for one. He went home with zee stripper. He wasn’t good lookin or well dressed. All he did to get her, was to go in zee night before and buy her a drink between sets. He asked her out to dinner and she took him back to her room. So zee next night after her show, he had zee time of his life with this young hot stripper all for free!


When you pick someone up tonight for New Years…

…you may be able to afford a fancy hotel. But get cheap one! You get into a lot of wild shit and no one will call zee cops! Lots of dives don’;t even ask you to back your sign-in with id so zee sky’s zee limit! If your mind isn’t already spinning with great ideas, you find a whole mess of ’em in my Romance Erotica novel “The Bull Rider” where lots of kinky shit happens on a train and in fancy Calgary hotel room!



Lots of times, just a little neighbourhood bar, or your friend’s house is zee best place for new years!

That’s because you can get away with a lot more hanky panky! If you wanna see what kind of fun trouble you can get into tonight for New Years so you’ll remember it always, you can get lots of good ideas from my true crime stories! And remember to try and get all actkion down on your smart phone! CLICK  right here->


When you meet a pair like this tonight, who would you choose?

If you can, do them both!


If you can’t find a guy for New Years, try your girlfriend!

She’ll be glad you did!


If you’ve never tried “Cowboy” style, you’re missing out!

Make New Years your time to try it! All it is, is when zee girl is on top of zee guy. It’s great for girls who have a hard time cumming from their cunts because it gives them total control of their movements so they can hit their g-spots perfectly and have a smashing orgasm!


A cunt for all seasons.

Whether you’re into zee hairy look, or liked being shaved, you can’t beat at least trying Zeee bare look! Do it for New Years! Lots of girls don’t like it because it make them itchy so if you wanna, but are afraid of zee itch, then get it laser-ed off and you’ll never have to worry about shaving, or scratching again.


If you just wanna go out tonight and get hammered, this is zee best night to do it!

However, I don’t recommend staying at home or in your room do it. If you must stay home alone, get a hold of some good weed and avoid zee alcohol. You’ll feel amazing and your self-induced orgasms will be ecstatic!


This is, next to Christmas, zee most dangerous night of zee year!

Don’t let yourself feel blue and lonely. More people go suicide on these days than any other so get out tonight and into a party. We’re having a big sex party here so I’ll be around and if you need to call me just leave a comment and when I find it–even though my fingers will slathered in love juice and lube, I’ll get right back atcha!