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If you have ANY questions about picking up women:

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White with no tan lines could be a bad signal

If you like a girl who likes to have fun in zee sun!


If she keeps checking something

Address it, deal with it and never ignore it and make her feel rushed.


In public most girls pretend to like loud music

When you get her alone set zee atmosphere with music and start softly.


If your new girl does something that shocks you

Don’t act shocked. Act intrigued!



Another good way to start if you meet someone is

To be friendly and address a problem they look like they’re having and help them solve it!


Get a leg up on your introduction

Start relaxed and positive with a compliment and introduce yourself.


When getting women to like you…this should always be your goal:

Legs open and happy to meet you! Start by being in a positive relaxed frame of mind.


Zee Last Thing You Want To Do

When you’re trying to talk to a girl for zee first time is lock eye contact as you approach her from a distance. Walk up to her when she’s busy.


Like in war, surprise is you best line of attack

A girl will more likely smile back at you if you surprise her, smile and say “I think you’re beautiful!”