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Most guys won’t admit it but they LOVE jail-bait!

It may be legal to love it, but fucking it is another story! DON’T! There are lots of hot young legal age women who look like little pre-teen girls who PREFER older guys! Tomorrow I’ll show you where you can find them eager to meet you without looking like a stalker! Right now I’m out to skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!! ricky d. xoxoxox


If you like young girls, don’t get into trouble trying to get one!

Because there are lots of legal age girls that look like jail-bait who’d love to fuck an older person !



Pillow fights are fun!

In zee summer I like a good pillow fight outside on my favourite nude beach! You can make your own nude beach. Find a good secluded beach in zee winter when you crotch-cuntry ski. Then in zee spring check to make sure its clean, or can be cleaned. Pick a spot and then make two signs: WARNING: NUDE SUNBATHERS AHEAD! Put them up on either side a good distance from your spot. That way you can’t get arrested for being naked in a public place in a secluded beach with your signs up warning people that you’re naked. It’s also great advertizing!


Having sex in zee shower is great!

I can’t because every time I try I get water up my nose when I’m on my knees eating succulent pussy! If you really want me to get in zee shower with you I’ll only stand in it and do things with my back turned to zee shower head. Getting clean with someone you’ve just met is also fun!


Some guys can’t find zee hole

Unless there’s hair around it! But you can do a lot more with a bald cunt then a hairy one. Find out in my new Erotica Novel “The Bull Rider” right here! CLICK THIS->


It’s great having an exercise ball lying around!

I don’t even use mine to workout, I use it for a good cunt-eating workout!


If you don’t have a nude beach in your neck of zee woods…

Then make one!


Most beaches in Fiji are black lava rock

So a beach with normal sand is a rare find! Keeping our beaches clean in Canada can be fun! Get paid to go topless, and wear a thong!


If you’re a girl in tune with your body…

Then checking your breasts every month for lumps is no problem!


Not even one day in Fiji and my sister Janie has all zee nude beaches nailed!

There’s lots of perks when you’re a hunter of sea-turtle fishermen!