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Fuck her on zee table

Fuck her on a chair! And don’t get worried if you get cum in her hair! She’s built for speed! You can go as slow as you want with a girl and they like it slow to get warmed up, but look out when they are, cause girls are just like guys and when they get goin’ they love a good thrashing! Girls can cum all night till they get a headache while most guys are only good for one or two pops a session. Therefore guys must get good at holding on to their orgasms so they don’t go off prematurely. I’ve taught lots of guys how to stay hard as long as a bitch needs to before they beg a guy to stop! Tomorrow I’m gonna teach you! For this set though, further down I’m giving you zee keys to zee kingdom because for most guys they cum too fast when they do finally snag a hot girl, becasue they can’t get a fucking hot girl in zee first place! So, like I promised, today I’m showing how to get any woman you want, anytime you want! So keep reading and looking and clicking and cumming! and I’ll see ya all tomorrow! Love, ricky d. xoxoxoxoxo




If you like eating pussy…

Like I do, do you like girls with little skinny clits or nice big fat ones that you can suck on like a cock? I get horny just thinking about it! Some people can’t control their horniness and go fucking crazy when they can’t get it! Read about zee funny things frustrated people do to get sex! CLICK HERE->


4 on zee Floor!

Some girls just can’t wait to get on zee bed where its easy on zee knees and want it RIGHT FUCKING NOW! Give zee poor frantic bitch a slap and throw her on something where she’ll be comfortable and your knees will be too!


I you like to hang out…

…its one of zee best positions for a good lick!


Before I lick a cunt…

…I do 3 quick checks: 1-visual-check for sores and other signs of disease, 2-smell-chech for strange unpleasant odors like rotten fish smells, 3-close-up visual-once I’m down there smelling, I take a good close extra look for all forms of cunt disease. Why? Ever taste a rotten cunt? Look before you leap!


Watch it girls!

Lot’s of guys don’t know this because they don’t suck cock, but a bad smell can really turn a girl off oral sex! So guys, if you get lots of spur of zee moment blow jobs in zee street, or bar room bathrooms or under tables in restaurants, try to keep zee underside of your dick clean (where zee cock meets zee balls) and Oder/taste free!


Zee reason I love getting fucked in zee ass:

It’s not just zee feeling, but a psychological need I fill. I am a girl without a dick and wish I had one because I love zee thought of a guy sticking his big hard cock in some little girls ass! (and for all zee police out there, when I say “little” I mean size not age!)


I don’t just fuck and write.

I do everything a normal girl does too! Like, right now I’m repairing my extra warm sheepskin mittens by stitching zee seams that have come apart, while I wait for my pictures to load for each post today!


Tattoos are like a brand

I don’t want them on me, but girls love them because it’s like a brand, as in “brand name” i.e. “Kleenex”. But if you really want to get branded like a horse, and want to know what it feels like, read my new Erotica Romance novel, “The Bull Rider” CLICK HERE->


Here’s what I promised yesterday!

If you struck out for new years this year or if you are striking out anytime you try to hit on a girl, you need this course! I told you about it a long time ago in my page, “Your Secret Weapons of Mass Seduction”! It fucking works! I shit you not! AND if you don’t believe me try it yourself risk free because it comes with a money back 100% guarantee!