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You don’t see perfection like this everyday!

So when you do, and she’s right there where you discover her, calm down and strike up a friendly conversation! Don’t just stand there tongue tied and gawking at her because that will creep her out and she’ll go running if you wait too long! Grab this cool video course on how to pick up women because it works! CLICK HERE->



Sandy beaches are great but…

For having sex and especially oral sex –you can really get chewing on solid rock around zee lakes in Northern Canada! If you wanna really rock when you read, grab my Erotica Romance novel, “The Bull Rider”! CLICK HERE!->


Big tits can get you into trouble.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them before they start going south!


If you have a perfect body you don’t need to dress it up!

Lots of people can’t resist a piercing or tattoo. I will never get a tattoo and zee only thing I’ve ever had pierced is my ears!


Believe it or not, but zee easiest way of getting a girl’s phone number for a date is…

Having something fun for yourself planned and then inviting them to come along! Girls love fishing but hardly ever think of doing it themselves!


Don’t touch strangers –you could get charged!

But if you’re having a “heart to heart” with a close friend or new sex partner and you really want them to feel what your saying, touch them on their leg or arm or hand for emphasis. You can read hilarious true stories of people who touched other people and got thrown in jail! CLICK HERE->


I never turn down anybody who wants sex in zee shower with me even though its not my thing.

Zee reason is that for a lot of people zee extra stimulation of zee water hitting their bodies makes zee fuck a better experience.


Every girl secretly wishes she had a dick!

Because girls like to watch your dick or a dildo sliding in and out of them!

x-art_hayden_h_bree_sunday_afternoon-01-lrg cover

Hot girls often live in shacks.

If you bring a girl to her place and she starts appologizing for it being a dump, don’t agree with her!  Offer to help her fix it up! She’ll love you for it!


All dressed up and nowhere to go!

Japs can be real ignorant to women. This girl got all dressed up just to be cummed on by 10 guys and then laughed at! Girls, let me tell you: never do anything –even for money, if its gonna make you feel bad!