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Sex is Sex

But sex with a beautiful woman…Well, you would be surprised what people will do to get it! Get all zee thrills without going to jail! CLICK THIS->


If you haven’t been with a black girl….

You must, you must you must! Because a girl who is black will take you to heaven and back!


Like a little domination, bondage and sadomasochism?

Big words for “rough sex” My new erotica romance novel answers your questions so won’t have to try it in real life! Even though its a novel, I’ve done everything in it so check it out. CLICK HERE!->


Whenever I use a dildo, it just makes me want a real cock ever more!


My latest novel I’m working on is all about my sex parties!

It’s almost finished and tells you even though we have sex all night, starting out in sexy clothes is very important. Girls notice guys who are well dressed. You don’t have to wear expensive clothes for girl to think you’re well dressed, you have to wear clothes that girls think are trendy and suit you!


If you’re white a black girl can be very appealling!

The reason is that if a black girl shows you any kind of interest it means she’s already willing to fuck you because black girls don’t have zee sexual hang-ups that white girls do!


Picking up girls at a nude beach is like….

Shooting fish in a barrel! If you don’t like it that easy and want to be able to pick up girls whenever you see one you like, get this course! It’s unbelievable and you won’t find anything like it that works for free on zee net! CLICK THIS->


One of my facebook girls exposed!

Lots of times I’ll take advantage of zee stupid rules on facebook about clothes to post a tranny fully covered up. Here’s one of them!



Sometimes I almost like getting blocked on Fuckbook!

Facebook is so uptight about sex they’re going through all my old posts looking for nudity and lady bits and block me whenever they find an old picture of mine I posted before I understood their stupid rules. This time I got blocked for an old picture they didn’t even show me to explain why THEY didn’t like it! I’m trying to find out how to actually talk to them about this, because the first time they actually took down my original page and when they allowed me to put it back up they changed its classification to “community” which means they own my fucking page! That’s fine for now because it gives all my fans on facebook a chance to find me here and get ZEE REAL JUICE!


Some girls get lucky!

God doesn’t give out nice tits to every girl. Like brains, we all get a different gift. Some girls are so impressed with their own tits, they’ll blown away every time they look at them!