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This is what got me blocked on Facebook again!

Yesterday I got blocked on Facebook for another 7 days. At first I wanted to call zee North Koreans to bomb zee fuck out of their offices for harassing me! But I’m a peace loving girl and thought better of it. I realized it was my fault this time because I’m such a stupid girl. I need a spanking! As soon as I posted this, BANG! I got zee message that I was BLOCKED! That’s when it hit me! And its zee reason I got blocked zee last time before too but they wouldn’t tell me! Even though this girl is fully dressed and doing a simple yoga move, Facebook is so Puritanical and suppressed and repressed they think zee worst every time so they either thought this was sexual “activity” or zee girl was just too fucking young to post doing “sexual” shit. So now I know! No bare tits, bits, bums, cunts, clits, dicks, wide open ass –aaaaannnnnnd….any “sexual positions or activity” See you back on Fuckbook an January 28, 2015! Zee reason I call them that is because  they love to fuck with me! They can fuck my body anytime they want. All they have to do is ask! But they’re fucked in zee head and only wanna fuck with my page! I need a spanking! See you here tomorrow! Love, ricky d. xoxoxox


Have I got your attention?

People do naughty things just to get attention. That’s what I like to do! Then there are zee hard core bad boys who do bad shit just because they love it! Find out zee trouble you can get into if you don’t play your cards right! CLICK THIS->


I hate getting to friend’s place early!

Most girls get so stressed when they’re getting ready to go out! So when they’re ready I them come and get me!


More girls then you think want to be naughty!

All you have to do is make a suggestion! Learn how make them zee right way. Check zee link farther down.


My friend got new boobs!

To celebrate she took out to lunch after they were healed and asked me to bring my camera!


Believe it or not…

a lot of nice girls will show you their tits just because they don’t like them!


Once in a while Word Press sucks!

Whenever I complain about Word Press is because they’re not loading my pictures easily. Hell Angels are awesome to party with because they know they all get to fuck me as long as I can play with their beautiful escorts after for free!


Word press is playing games with me now!


Titty contest

A biker bar in Winnipeg on Marrion used to have these all zee time! It was easy for guys to pick up girls there! Zee only problem was that have of them were Hells Angels hookers!


This probably isn’t always true like zee myth about black guys having bigger dicksbut…

I always find that black girls have nice big chewy clits as well as being more relaxed and friendlier then white girls!