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If you’re gifted with an especially long dong…

Share zee wealth! Hope you like today’s posts! I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome a new fan Ajay who had zee balls to leave me a beautiful comment this morning! Hi Ajay! (please don’t get mad at me if I spelled your name wrong cause I’m still kind of foggy after zee wild sex party we had last night!) If you want to learn how to get HUGE hard-ons ANYTIME you want one without drugs, check out this awesome video! CLICK HERE->!


Carrie’s favourite dildo!

It’s one of my favourites too because of zee awesome suction cup on zee end that sticks and stays on a smooth clean surface no matter how much abuse it gets! I sit on it to fuck myself silly in zee ass just to get warmed up! Carrie felt like performing last night at my sex party so I shot this! She’s also a model for a character in  my new novel cumming out soon!


I always try to have more guys at my sex parties than chicks

Because then there’s always a fresh guy who’s ready to go for zee girls who can fuck all night. Sometimes, I can’t always make that happen and this is what you get if there’s more girls than boys!


Even though I’m tiny…

I can still take a BIG DICK in zee ass! This is Nancy getting it good last night at my weekly Saturday Night Sex Club! She’s also a model for one of my characters in zee new novel I’m writing!



Even if you don’t like to swallow, you can still give great HEAD!

But just remember boys and girls, cum is VERY GOOD FOR YOU! It’s a fountain of youth and has lots of vitamins and minerals that’s good for your skin keeps you looking young! My own hubby eats his own cum whenever he can (by licking it off zee girls he sprays it on) and even though he 56, girls think he’s hot and looks like he’s still in his 30’s!


One my friends, Melissa

She’s one of my main characters in my new Erotica Romance novel I’m still working on called “Quad King”. My first wild erotica novel is all about an office girl who falls in love with a bull rider. Grab it right here! Just CLICK THIS->


Even if you’re a little bit chubby, and a little bit hairy…

You can still be HOT! But I’ve always wondered, since tits are all fat, why lots of fat girls have little tits.


For guys with a fetish for blonds…

Even a fake blond, is better then no blonde at all! Maybe its because I’m a blonde myself but I’ve written lots of true sex crime stories about blondes who get themselves into REAL TROUBLE! To grab them now, just CLICK THIS->


With a beautiful tranny, you get to have zee best of both worlds!

As you can see if you make zee picture bigger, this girl is really a boy! Lots of my stupid stories are true life accounts of beautiful trannies! If you’ve always wondered and wanted to learn more about men who can turn into sexy women CLICK THIS->


Along with nice hard nipples…

My favourite girls have nice big chewy suckable clits!