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Torpedo Tits!

A few years ago, I know –even though I never used it–you could post anything on facebook. But after being blamed for allowing her-ass-ment they clamped down because too many bitches got emotional about what someone said or posted about them and they offed themselves. Hey! It wasn’t facebooks fault. When you kill yourself, you have no one to blame but YOU!

See you tomorrow on  facebook cause I think they lifted my block early! And just so you know, if could have tits bigger than what god gave me, I’d choose TORPEDO TITS! LOVE YOU GUYS! ricky d. xoxoxox



Keep It Simple Stupid! I actually love posting here more then on facebook because I don’t have to get complicated in figuring out what to say because I’ve been blocked there not only for posting naughty pictures, but, FOR WHAT I SAID!


When getting implants some girls over-do it on purpose!

Just so they don’t have to worry about their boyfriends getting close enough to kiss them!


If you insist on wearing bottoms to zee beach…

Then wear Wicked Weasel for maximum exposer!



Drop your panties at zee door!

Lots of girls wear panties or bottoms to zee beach because they’re afraid something will swim up their cunts! I get eaten out so much every day, if there is anything that snuck up there, it’ll be sucked out promptly!


Please! Remove your clothing and have a shower before you get into my sauna!

Last night one of zee clicks was so hammered after getting gang-banged all night got dressed and tried to leave but passed out in zee sauna!



Going my way?

One of my tranny friends when I was hooking in Winnipeg would actually stand in the back alley where the gay hooker stroll was with no pants on when he wanted a real quicky before zee gay bar!


One of my favourite trannies in all her frontal glory!

I show you a sneak peek yesterday! Remember?


What’s a “milf”?

My sex party was so awesome Friday night, it went on till last night too, and I didn’t get up today until 2:30 in zee afternoon!


Bet you guys didn’t know I was a artist as well as a writer!

News flash! When I was on my facebook page I tried a share and it worked, then I tried posting a couple of pictures and it worked! So I don’t know if facebook fucked up or was fucking with me on purpose, cause I’ll try posting new pics there tomorrow just to see what’s going on. Maybe they lifted Zee block early after seeing I posted a text post apologizing or whatever! So I’ll see you guys there tomorrow and I’ll try posting a “tame” set just as a tester! Love you guys, ricky d. xoxoxox