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Ever experience a human branding?

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What zee fuck is going on here?

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I was going to post this on Fuckbook!

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If you want her to shave

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There are bikini’s and then there are bikinis!

a suit like this could get you busted, but if you have this kinda body, no one will want to get zee police after you! I wore one of these once to suntan in a park in Winnipeg and the cops took me into zee cruiser and fucked my brains out and let my go with a warning: please let us know when you’ll be here next time!


Girls with natural tits are so enchanting!

Always tell yourself: “You never know what types women will go for, so you go for zee women you WANT congruently and calmly.”


Fellas! It doesn’t get much better than this!

If you have a hot girl friend take care of her cause hotties are hard to find now a days because so many Canadian US. women are FAT!


They love me cause I’m not a tease!

You can tell if you have a closet nympho on your hands if she’ll flash you for a picture in public! Nymphos love sexual attention from anyone! Like, I’ve even serviced a 90 year old just cause he grabbed my ass in zee mall!