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Your Facebook tracksuit girl!

She’s just getting warmed up here! Tell me if you want her one pic at a time or zee rest of her all in one wild set! Have a great week and I’ll see you on Wednesday! Love you guys, ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxox

Lilly (Penelope B) - Tracksuit - 013

Never do your stretching or Yoga on zee bed!

Never do any exercising on a bed EXCEPT SEX because you actually will hurt your back! ASK your chiropractor if you don’t believe me!


If you’re a guy, you know you’re GAY when…

The first thing you see when you look at this girl is that she looks like Cameron Diaz!


Little tits are perfect!

I know most of you guys don’t agree, but from a girl’s point of view, little tits are best because:

1. They don’t sag and will never sag unless you turn into a drug addict or alcoholic!

2. They don’t usually get cancer.

3. They don’t hurt when you get physically active

4. They are easy to maintain

5. And they taste better too!

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You know you’re totally healthy when…

…you wake up and are happy to be alive!


My Francine is an Exhibitionist!

I took this of her just before she went out into zee yard behind her and did it for zee boys and then got gang-banged in  zee dirt! I couldn’t film it cause zee boys would let me!


I’m always in zee mood and do all my posting naked

I’m not joking when I say I hardly wear clothes! I even had my last cross-cuntry ski naked this year!


Some girls are so uptight

They even wear “beach dresses” when they walk around a nude beach so guys won’t stare at their cunts and try and fuck them. I love it when boys stare at my cunt and try and fuck me. Only they don’t have to “try” cause I’m easy!


She’s zee type I like when I’m doing zee picking!

Her name is Julie and she’s a regular at my Friday/Saturday night sex parties. She’s also zee girl I based my main character on in my new Erotica Romance novel. You will love it because all zee wild sex in it is real because its either happened to me or my friends like Julie here! Grab it today! Just CLICK THIS->


A picture like this used to get me blocked on Facebook

A while back one of my best fans asked me if I was OK! I wondered if he was ok! I didn’t know what zee fuck he was talking about, until I started going back to thank my facebook fans for liking my posts. I let them pile up because I was so busy for zee last few months. So when I went back I starting seeing I had posted several topless girls with they’re nipples fully exposed which used to get me into trouble with facebook! After being blocked several times before before I knew the “special” rules they had for me for some weird reason –even though I knew this by now already –I posted a whole bunch of bare tits! I must have been blacked out from my excesses at a sex party zee night before! Miraculously however, I was never blocked for those! I’m still playing it safe though guys, but this is just to let you know that any “nudity” I post on facebook now is zee “non-revealing” kind. They must be excusing me now because I’m bringing them so much more fresh meat!