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If you’ve ever wondered…

Yes! Writing these little posts makes me so horny! It’s a rainy day so I think I’ll get all sexed up and  go out cruising in zee stores for new pussy or cock and bring it home fresh so I can start right now!

Love you guys! ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Zee first time I fucked myself in zee ass I was just a little girl!

I used my own finger! It still feels good today! Zee best time to acquaint yourself with zee art of ANAL SEX is in zee shower! Get your bum all soapy and just slide right in! When I used to go to zee YWCA, I was ALWAYS dropping zee soap! There are Homophiles, Audiophiles and Pedophiles. I’m a “Sexualphile”! I love sex in every possible way! When you can’t get fucked for real, get fucked in your mind! Zee best way is not with porn movies, its with reading erotica! Grab mine HERE->

I’m all about LOVE!

Call me a Buddhist or call me a Gnostic, I don’t believe in killing for fun and wish I was a complete vegetarian even though I’M almost there! I love even those who wrong me because I believe in making this world a better place for everyone. But what I love zee most is ASS! Not just any ass. I love perfect ass! I have one. This girl has one. You can get yours today! Just start eating right and getting lots ass exercise! Work it Baby!

Call me a pervert if you want, cause I’m proud of it!

Around zee world zee laws are basically zee same; it’s how they are enforced that makes zee difference. I’m not perverted, I’m “Natural”.  It’s all zee people who think you have to ask permission to have sex are brainwashed and they don’t even know it! Anyone who thinks sex is perverted or wrong or dirty is perverted! Zee real sexual revolution is yet to happen! If you’d love to break with conformity and start your own sexual revolution start reading how to have sex with strangers and get away with it! CLICK THIS->

Zee most erotic thing a stranger can do to me

An unfortunate development in our society is that a stranger cannot make sexual contact with another person without asking permission! When I’m shopping and a man or woman comes up behind me I can feel zee sexual tension! But 99.9 % of them will never stick their finger in my ass through my clothes because they’re afraid of getting arrested! In Canada someone could do this to me and i would love it, but someone seeing this could call zee fucking cops and that fingering person would STILL GET CHARGED.

Ass with everything you learn…

It is very important you always start SLOW!

You are NEVER going to make your partner cum and smile with wild abandon…

By trying to fuck them with a LIMP dick! Learn how to get your cock hard as a rock naturally and quickly anytime, anywhere! Most hilarious horrible true crimes are committed because a guy couldn’t get a hard-on when he needed one! CLICK HERE->

Once you’ve mastered zee art of ass-fucking…

And can make yourself cum out of your ass, you’ll want to get two trusty dildos to enjoy practicing on when you get zee urge! One for your cunt and one for your ass! Even though I say zee ass and cunt are both self-cleaning, and you should wash your dildo after every session, each hole has its own “BAD” bacteria and you don’t want to get a yeast infuction by fucking your cunt with zee same thing you’ve used to fuck your ass!

While this girl loves her store-bought dildo,

I prefer to teaching zee art of ass-fucking with a carrot! A carrot has a nice tapered point that can be inserted into zee tightest, even zee most nervous, clenched up asshole–and there are plenty of those to go around! Buy a store-bought dildo when you are ready to have it for life. While you’re just learning, you can just eat a carrot after you’re done!

Zee main thing to remember when teaching a new ass-fucking subject:

Always let your new ass-fuck student be in control and work zee dildo, carrot, zucchini, cucumber or any suitable object they chose for learning to fuck themselves in zee ass! At first, you are just zee GUIDE on zee SIDE!