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I’m glad I’m BI!

Most lesbians I know are hard to satisfy because they like really big cocks even though they don’t like men who have them! I can’t just lick them and stick one finger in, they want me to shove in my whole fucking hand! But I like to please! Last night at  my sex party  I got one warmed up and then had one of my boyfriends with a big dick fuck her brains out while we kissed! May be we’ll see you on Monday cause I’ll be on zee road! Have a great weekend! Love you guys! ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Sexual oddity

I like a girl with beauty but I also like oddities like this one. She has no cunt lips! Just a nice big clit you can suck on all night long! She’d be a big hit at my sex party!


Every one has different needs

I need a girl to not be fat. If she has tiny saggy tits its just zee price I have to pay because I don’t even talk to fat girls! Unless I have to!



Just because you have a big dick doesn’t mean you’ll make it as a She-male! You have to have a nice body, a pretty face like a girl,  and have enough money to afford a decent boob job! My goal is to provide you with beauty and inspiration for zee most part. But every once and a while I’ll give you guys and reality check!  LIKE THIS!


I tell guys with an inferiority complex that their cocks are nice and big like this

So they won’t turn into serial killers and go on a rampage. So don’t send me pictures of your cock to show me how big it is like Michael Theobald other wise known as Mickey Bass. Chances are it will be just average or puny just like his. You can be a legend in your own mind, but you shouldn’t brag about it because it just shows how stupid you really are!


There’s only one thing better than a nice big CUNT!



If a girl has a nice ass …

…. but its all pimply and her shoes don’t fit right she could be someone’s sex slave. ISIS is doing this now and its going over real big over there! But that’s just our government trying to vilify them! People have always done this and are doing it right  now in Canada and zee US! Find out how bad it really is RIGHT HERE->


Do you like to play with fruit?

If a girl asks you this, it could mean your dick is too small and she needs a fun replacement! Don’t get insulted and cut her head off for asking you this, just play along! Suggest a watermelon!


“Before you rape me, cut off my tits and dismember me before you murder me, I have just one question:”

Will it hurt? This question is not as stupid as it sounds. People have often wondered what happens to girls when they are captured and used for Snuff Movies. Find out in my true crime stories RIGHT HERE->



In zee movies Parkades or parking buildings is where nasty shit happens.

But its true! Zee irony of that is, if so much crime happens in a parking building, why isn’t there security cameras? There may be buildings that are equipped but mostly they aren’t yet. So watch out! In zee meantime, you can use them for porn stunts like this girl is doing. But that’s exactly when you could get raped murdered and robbed! Here’s a question: does it count to say a person got robbed if they’re not alive anymore when they get ripped off? Can you rape a dead person? How could you right, if they’re not around to complain about it? Get my Stupid Stories about other true fuck-ups like this and have a laugh! CLICK THIS: