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When things start to get you down, just say, “PISS ON IT!”

Last night I let some chick piss on me on zee bare floor in front of everybody before she sat on my wet pissy face and had me make her cum! Believe me, it was my pleasure! I came myself just doing it! I’m a responsible slut so right after ! I got up and mopped up zee mess, had a nice hot shower with her, and got back to fucking again! OH what a night! Hope everybody got wild this weekend too and you’re all ready for a great new week! Love you guys! ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxx


Zee web site I got this picture from is dead.

All my pictures I post are with permission or free because zee sites they’re from no longer exist! I may be a 24 year old woman, but I still think like a little kid and have no problem pissing in public if there’s no washrooms handy!


I know Facebook would have blocked me if had of posted this on my Page

So I’m letting you enjoy her here and I’m staying in today to relax. Forest fires are still raging in Washington and BC making zee weather shitty and zee outside air here in Denver hard to breath. Facebook finally gave me a break last night and let me start sharing again! I wrote them a second letter politely explaining why I liked to share and how much great fun it is for my fans to be able to hook up with lots of zee girls I share! Now us girls here are just chilling in our air-conditioned hotel room naked smoking good weed and sipping good wine, trying to figure out how I can diplomatically ask Facebook why they let other people post porn but have singled me out and persecute me whenever I try! I don’t even try anymore but they still block me for some pictures that they think are porn and I don’t realize. I’d just like them to tell me why they don’t like a picture instead of outright blocking me. I know one thing, they need more real people who relaxed and smoke more weed and not Nazi robots running things!




…AND I KNOW MOST OF FANS LOVE IT MORE TOO BECAUSE I CAN SEE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE USE IT EVERYDAY, I MISS YOUR COMMENTS HERE. Don’t worry though, I know why you don’t want to leave your comments: zee stupid way WordPress makes my visitors have to put in their email address that everyone can see! I just discovered this believe it or not! and now I’m trying to fix it so you CAN talk to me here with perfect anonymity if you prefer–and I know most of you do, so your partner won’t know you’ve been with me!

She’s got it all, so why does she always want MORE?

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That your girlfriend uses a vibrator when she’s alone. It’s not that she prefers it over your real cock. It’s just easier for a girl using a vibrator to give herself a convenient orgasm like it is for guys to get off with baby oil then just jerking themselves dry!


At my house and in my party room

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Girls are still having one night stands with complete strangers

I still do myself. I guess I’m as addicted to zee sex as I am zee danger. With all zee Snuff Movies STILL BEING MADE , a girl never knows iF her night with a stranger could be her last! Explore zee dark and frightening world of Underground  Porn with me in my true sex crime series RIGHT HERE->


When a girl’s cunt lips are as smooth and silky as this…

You know she’s had laser pubic hair removal. I recommend this to all women and men who want to be pubic hair free without zee bother and pain of having to wax, shave or use Neet every month!


Zee cunt is an amazing thing!

Much tinier than any cock, it has hundreds more nerve endings which makes it extremely sensitive and since it doesn’t have zee elaborate plumbing of a cock, once aroused it can go all night and cum all night too! Don’t worry guys, even though a woman can, EVERY woman is not used to it and gets too sore to boink and cum one more time…after fucking for several hours straight!