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Zee best kiddie porn, if you’re into it, is in old Hollywood movies

One of zee best for this sort of thing is, “Baby The Rain Must Fall” with Steve  McQueen and Lee Remick. She’s the mom and a hot one who loves “unintentionally” finger banging her 7 year old daughter. In one scene ….never mind, just see it for yourself! It was shot in 1965 in black and white and everyone keeps their clothes on and is depressing as hell but you’ll get a kick out scenes they wouldn’t dare release today! Love you guys! ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox




When I’m in a new area …

…and have lost my way, I always ask zee sexiest girl I can find for directions. Usually they turn out to be ones that lead straight to her bedroom with her in it!


Sag and Bag

Lots of guys prefer natural boobs now a days. I don’t know why unless they like flat chested girls like me who don’t have any!


Most girls like their panties…

TIGHT! This way they can walk around all day giving themselves multiple orgasms as they work!


America has more people in jail per capita…

…then any other country in zee world! That’s why most people would rather live in Canada!


Hole In The Wall Gang

This was zee name given to a group of famous outlaws in America’s 1800’s. This is what my guests call themselves at my sex club after they’re all high and drunk. We do get wild and shit gets broken sometimes but no one is ever angry and its all in good fun! If you wanna read a true story about a real gang of outlaws who happen to be friends of mine, then check OUT my new erotica novel RIGHT HERE->



Blast from zee past!

I love my old porn pin-ups from zee 40’s 50’s and 60’s, so over zee next few weeks I’ll share my collection with you guys by showing you one a day! Don’t forget: a cunt a day keeps zee dickter away! I avoid doctors at all costs. Did you know zee leading a cause of death in America? More people in zee states die from doctor’s properly prescribed prescriptions than murder, accident, and all zee other diseases COMBINED! Stick with me you guys and I’ll teach you how to stay young and healthy forever!

save the boobies_3069




BUT DON’T FORGET TO FUCK HER ON ZEE WAY OUT! If you’re going to break up with your girl, its always best to do it on good terms in case you wanna fuck again later. I believe in re-cycling!


Back on crack

I mean TRACK! I found my picture file that pesky girl moved. She said it was an accident and I believed her at first and then I asked her why she was snooping around on my computer in my office in zee first place. I was going to kick her out of my club, but she begged me not to. She said she could prove I could trust her again if she got a good beating. So I tied her up in my BDSM room and let zee boys have at her with a bull whip after which they gang banged her till she passed out. If you like extreme sadistic sex CHECK THIS OUT->


One of zee best things I’ve ever done is buy a Karaoke Machine for my sex club!

Hard-ons get popping when guys can watch my sexed up female guests sing their hearts out. Its like watching Shania Twain perform in concert knowing you’re going to bang her right after zee show!