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Always be zee best you can be…

Then you’ll never have to worry about zee competition! Love you guys! ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Some girls are always dropping things

Just so they can BEND OVER! When ever this happens I hope you always take advantage and grab on to something sweet!

Victoria Silvstedt - wearing a bikini in St Tropez   15

To be a good tour guide a girl needs 3 things:

Two nice tits and one hot ass!

Venere B - Esesias - 009

I never liked help getting dressed.

I always love getting undressed by older men though!

Vanessa Hudgens -toes 635076

There’s two things a girl needs.

Clean teeth and a clean pussy!


I took gymnastics to get in shape to be a stripper

I love their work! But hooking made me more money!


Some girls like to dress up in rubber to get whipped

Other girls just need to get whipped. They’re willing to take a whipping anywhere its offered RIGHT HERE->


Trannys want you to cum into their world!

They don’t dress like that for nothing!


Don’t be deceived!

Every girl is dying to present herself to every guy who passes by but society won’t let them! Most people spend their whole lives strapped into a straitjacket of zee mind! Learn how to break free RIGHT HERE->




Bitches are encouraged to show off their asses

But 99.9% will charge you if you try to enjoy them! The best way to a woman’s heart is mind control through her ass!