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SOMEONE SNUCK INTO YOUR ASS OVER NIGHT WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING? Zee least they could do is introduce themselves after so you could have seconds! I’m off for a big adventure tomorrow and I’ll you all about it when I get back! Love you guys! ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox



Guys think they need to go clubbin’ to get chicks

If you wanna meet sexy women who are outta this world, then check out zee rodeo! For every cowboy in zee rodeo, there’s dozens chicks going out to see them who will settle for any guy nice enough to show a little interest! Then again, maybe its just that animal smell RIGHT HERE->


Hey boys! Glamour girls don’t get all zee men.

They just get all zee shallow ones! Save yourself for all zee REAL girls!


Girls go digging in zee stupidest places…

When ever they lose a contact!

Ever notice how its zee people who win lottery tickets that don’t need zee money

And zee people who need zee money never do. But we don’t really need a lot of money anyway. Just a beautiful person to love us.

Some girls are blessed with such beautiful asses

They even look as good in their panties as they do naked!

When I was hooking some guys wanted me to blow them right on Main St.

They said they didn’t care how much it cost. So of course, I made a lot of money that way. Because zee cops are always around when you don’t need them and never around when you do.

Some people tell me they wish they could get my books, but need a credit card to buy them on Amazon

If you don’t like using credit cards, you can buy Visa or MasterCard GIFT CARDS at your friendly neighbourhood Canada Post Office. You just register them online once you’ve bought one and they work just like a credit card on Amazon. If you wanna have some REAL NAUGHTY reading fun on your smart phone at lunch, on zee bus or where ever, you can get all of my 6 books for under $20 bucks. Start RIGHT HERE->

Notice how tattoo joints aren’t popping up all over anymore

I think zee honey moon is over. I think its because they look kind of seedy once you get older. So get ’em while you’re hot!



I so had so many girls after me last night!

They wanna know my secret while they lick me. I just keep getting older, but I just keep looking younger. I tell everyone its no secret. I don’t eat beef, don’t smoke tobacco, don’t drink, and eat tons of raw veggies, raw milk, raw honey and free range chicken eggs! You never know what’s gonna happen at my weekend sex parties, expect for two things: you’ll be getting plenty of hot sex and always leave feeling satisfied! It’s free too! Starting zee application process is easy: buy and read my books. Get all six for under $20 RIGHT HERE->