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I used to carry a weapon when I started cross-country skiing.

No animals’ going to bother me now because they all know me. My foxes love me cause I always drop scrap meat I get from my restaurant friends on my ski trail. That’s where I’m headed now. Love you guys! ricky d. x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0xoxoxox

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Shooting fish in a barrel

Who really does that? Some girls don’t like small talk and like to be directly hit on by having a guy just grab their ass without so much as a word! See how its done, RIGHT HERE->

Lots of guys just don’t get it!

Girls are so conditioned by our society not to act like sluts, they have to use subtle body language to let a guy know they’re interested. But its not rocket science guys! Usually all you need to look for is not a girl like me who’ll spread her legs in public, but just direct eye contact and a smile!



Me and my girlfriends are so wild that we’ll go to zee bars on zee weekday nights.

In Winnipeg zee good bars are always full every day of zee week, but we don’t go to drink. We never wear panties so when we find a guy we want to take back to our hotel room, we just put our legs up and aim our pussies at him!


Pool party.

Every summer is a pool party in my back yard on zee weekends –unless of course if we haven’t all headed out to our favourite nude beach at Patricia! You can apply for a membership using my comment box or check us out RIGHT HERE->


Sometimes I get so excited about life …

I forget to put my pants on!


When I’m not posting you probably think I just lay around all day with my legs spread!

I do! But only when I’m about to get fucked! Otherwise I’m a busy girl with lots of exciting projects on zee go. I’m so busy right now I’m cutting my posts down to a trickle soon so I can get shit done!


I have a thing for bank robbers.

Maybe its only because they have zee balls to try what most people think they could never get away with. Ironically zee truth of zee matter is 80% of bank robbers never get caught! There’s a new bank robber in Winnipeg. He’s done two jobs recently and vanishes! He’s a little guy who’s only disguise is a stupid wig and thick lens glasses. He just walks in like a regular customer. When he gets to zee till he hands zee teller a note asking for unmarked bills with no dye packs. He takes zee note back and walks out with zee money and disappears into thin air! You can meet other real bank robbers who have gotten away with it RIGHT HERE->


Swimming in porn!

You’ll never run out of girls on zee internet. This only proves my point that you will never run out of new chances to boink zee girls of your dreams every day. You only have to make zee effort to connect!


Some girls spend their whole lives waiting for zee right guy to come along.

Talk to zee girls you would like to fuck! You never know what types they will go for until you make zee first move!