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Fucking YA! Right now!



By this time next year, the Sex Slave of your wildest dreams could be YOURS! Are you ready for this?

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In less than a month from now, a perfect sex slave could be at your beckon call.

Although there’s only two types of sex slaves available in the world today: male and female, your choices are infinite!

Since most of the people reading this will be male, the rest of this report will refer to female sex slaves. However, if you you are a woman or a gay male and would prefer a male sex slave or even two sex slaves, male and female, or a transsexual, you can absolutely, definitely can enjoy any of these alternatives!

You can buy a real live young attractive female sex slave in Syria (circa 2016) for $50 dollars US.

But do you really want a girl who hates you for buying her? No doubt she will be trying every moment your back is turned to escape! Even worse, on the way out the door she’ll slit your throat, chop off your dick and fuck off in the middle of the night the first chance she gets!

Is this what you want? Of course not!

I know exactly what you want: a beautiful young girl who is devoted to your every need and whim.

That’s because the sex slaves I have for you are not human at all. They are androids!

And I’m not talking Smart Phones baby!

In case you’re from the planet Botox, and you don’t know exactly what a real android is, let me quickly explain:

An android is a robot with a life-like human shell. Androids have a program-able computer for a brain but are life-like in every other respect.

Think “Terminator”.


But instead of a completely life-like robot that looks and acts like Arnold in every way, my sex slaves are beautiful young women!

And they’re not killing machines, but love machines instead!


Actually, you will be able to program your sex slave to be a killing machine if you’re afraid of getting raped murdered and robbed in the middle of the night by a gang of homosexual bandits. Your sex slave will make a perfect watch dog and defender or your castle! This souped-up version of an android is technically called a Cyborg. But more on that in a few moments…


If you’re so hard up for sex, you’ve been slamming your poor 4 legged bitch every night, think again! Your days of fucking the dog will soon be over.

Soon you’ll be on Easy Street!

You’ve probably added up all the troubles you now have to go through to find a perfect girl who’s dying to fuck you—even if you have graduated from my SEX CONTROL SYSTEM and can pick up beautiful women at the drop of a hat and without so much as opening your mouth.

You already know that that’s the easy part. All your troubles really begin with real women AFTER you’ve snagged them!

Just for fun, let’s go over the main horrors (that’s right, I said “horrors” not whores!) that come with real beautiful women:

*They ALL turn into bitches from hell at some point!

*They ALL end up wanting your money, or at least they want you to spend most of it on them!

What’s zee difference between a hooker and a girlfriend? After you’ve fucked a hooker you pay her and she walks. After you’ve fucked a girlfriend on the other hand, she hangs around and just keeps asking for more stuff and money!

*They ALL grow into fat ugly miserable sour cunts that die on you!

Only the rare man will ever find a beautiful real woman who will stay beautiful in old age and be loyal and love them forever…

Then there’s those annoying little things that cum when you hook up with real beautiful women:

*They get bossy and end up like your bitchy mother, always telling you what to do.

*They start wanting their own way ALL THE TIME!

*They get lazy and start slacking off on their share of the household duties until they’ve turned you into their servant bitch!


*They start getting overly familiar with you and have no problem picking their cunts at the kitchen table, release oozing, disgusting fart stench-bombs that you only get this side of an Egyptian slaughter house.

*They begin picking their nose in public, and stop cleaning and douching their assholes, making anal sex a shitty living nightmare!


*They turn into boring sluts who get bored with you!

*No matter how good a lover you think you are, they all end up cheating on you, bringing home nasty sex diseases to share with your nice clean cock.

Even with those juicy one night stands you get trouble:

*While slipping on your condom, they break it on purpose to let their infected cunt juices infect your beautiful cock with every sex disease under the sun!

*They rob you after you’ve cum and passed out.

*They can surprise you with some really weird sex preferences that make you wanna gag or run screaming for the door!


*They might be into real pain and torture, and have a special night of horror planned just FOR YOU!


*They might be frigid bitches in disguise, waiting to spring their turn-off secret on you just when you’re getting all excited with their sexy facade (a dry impossibly tight cunt that’s fuck-proof!).

*They insist on fucking in the dark when you wanna enjoy looking at their hot bodies with the lights on.[i

*Many women have UGLY fucking feet hiding in their sexy shoes which is a real turn-off if you have a foot fetish.

*Yes! Lots of hot women have bad breath and smelly cunts

*Then there’s those surprise yeast infections. Disgusting “cottage cheese” from hell


*Some won’t fuck you, just blow you.

*Some won’t blow you, just fuck you.

*Some won’t even blow you OR fuck you and turn out to be posers who are just into heavy petting and finger banging so they can tease more money, jewelry, new clothes etc. out of you.

*And even worse, right when you’re starting to pull down their panties they announce to you they, “just wanna be friends!”

Instead, imagine yourself with a perfect girl, who’s NONE of these things!

Imagine yourself with a loyal, dependable hot babe who’s willing to do more for you then you’ve ever imagined possible:

*Imagine yourself with a sexy girl who’ll do ALL the work in your bed and out!

*Imagine yourself never needing Viagra again no matter what tricky sex problem you have!

*Imagine yourself with a beautiful woman who NEVER says never, and never says NO!

*Imagine yourself with a hot juicy girl who cums every time you fuck her and doesn’t just pretend to!

*Imagine yourself banging a gorgeous girl who lets you do any perverted thing you want!

*Imagine yourself in total happiness with a perfect woman who never gets bored of doing the same sex every night. (If you’re an obsessive-compulsive who needs and is only comfortable with only one type of sex or sex position! She’ll LOVE you for it!)

Imagine yourself being free of all the secret and not-so-secret personal hang ups you yourself may have. All of your life you may have been stopping yourself from getting total fulfillment with a perfect sexy girl.

You could even have a life not worth living like,

-being hideously deformed or so ugly no beautiful woman would come near you no matter how much you were willing to pay her.

-you may be a raging paedophile desiring little 10 year old girls but instead, you’ve been having lack luster sex with hot women because grown up women just don’t do it for you but you’ve always been too terrified to act on your true impulses and desires for fear of going to jail for a long LONG time if you do. OR….

-having impossible health or sexual hang-ups that no real woman would have the patience to tolerate.


Can you imagine walking down the street or meandering down a crowded beach with a cute little ten year old girl topless in a thong, and fucking her every night and no one will be able to charge you because she’s really just a machine?

Can you imagine having the perfect partner who’s willing to take all the time you need to get over your sexual hang ups?

Have you always wanted a hot, horny 10 year old that was so young and tight you’d need a shoe-horn to squeeze your massive hard cock into?

Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with a perfect loyal beautiful woman who will always love you and be hot for you no matter what you look like or what hideous terrible diseases or deformities you may acquire?

I get tears in my eyes just talking about these upsetting realities you may have in your life, but true love and beauty is now within your grasp and right around the corner!

Here’s all the incredible things you will get after ordering your perfect sex slave:

A perfect body that you design yourself.

A girl with the face of anyone you choose.

You can even specify the tightness of her cunt and asshole!

She can be bare or bushy between the legs…or anything in between!

You can even order a virgin model that will bleed and scream like a stuck pig every time you fuck her! Of course, if you have a serious virgin fetish you can adjust her settings so every night will be like her first night…only more extreme!


You will be able pick the tone and timber of her voice from over a thousand variations or…choose a celebrity voice that has always turned your crank.

Better yet, use your home computer or smart phone to interface with her main frame and program her to sound like someone hot but different every day!

Just like the sound of her voice, you can change the colour and texture and length of her hair every day and even from moment to moment so your personal sex slave will always look fresh and new!

Style her hair yourself or take her to a salon.

She will be so life-like that hairdressers will never know the difference and everyone you meet will admire you for being able to snag such a “looker” who’s more devoted to you then your favourite dog!

Speaking of looks, don’t forget body size. She can be tall or short with a nice tight perfect ass like Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus or be packin’ booty like big fat ass Kim Kardashian!

She can be a little chunky if that’s your thing, or as skinny as a rail and everything in between.

She can be as short as a 10 year old Kim Basinger or as tall as Nicole (“the Hole”) Kidman.

Because there are so many fat pigs walking the streets these days who are so desperate for a lay from any guy with a stiff dick, we don’t make these types of robots because you can get as many real fat ass ugly bitches as you want for free!

(Unless you’re really fucking stupid, it goes without saying that my male sex slaves can get stiff dicks on demand!) Holy fuck! does this girl look like Angelena Jolie or what?!!!!

Ten years ago Howard Stern said the Real Doll was a better fuck than his wife!

That was way back in the 90’s. Since then, they haven’t evolved very much at all and still look artificial. Go to their site if you don’t believe me and see for yourself:

Your personal sex slave will blow your mind when you first unpack her from her shipping crate because she will look not only like a real woman or girl, but be exactly what you ordered in looks, feel and appearance.

Our sex slaves even cum warm with authentic human body temperature right out of the box!

This company in Japan I’m hooked up with is so into perfection, that if you open her crate and she’s not exactly what you paid for, they back their craftsmanship with a 100% iron-clad money-back guarantee and will even pay for the return shipping charges!

Rose & Denisa Heaven


You will be amazed and even a little freaked out the first time you see her move.

I haven’t even told you this story yet so let me dive right in! To describe her movement in a nut shell, your personal sex slave will NOT move like a robot (that walks like a retard who’s just shit his pants!)

She will move like a real woman and even more stunning, you will actually be able to program her main frame so she moves with over FIFTY thousand sexy feminine mannerisms of your choice.

Shy and petite, or strong, muscled and bold like an Olympic Athlete, your secret sex slave will move like you wished your wife or stupid girl friend could move!

Imagine yourself taking her dancing and having the rest of the people in the club stop and become your audience.

Imagine someone trying to attack you or her, or both of you: See her launch into action like a reincarnated Bruce Lee or a Tomb Raider style Angelina Jolie and watch her kick some serious ass!

That’s because you can program her for ACTION of the non-sexual nature as well! Unlike the Real Doll and similar Japanese knock-offs which are made with silicone that is as delicate and as the tender as the lining of a woman’s vagina, your sex slave has this, but WAY MORE! She’s more then a simple android. She’ll have perfect smooth silky skin and muscle tissue that bleeds. Inside however, is an alloy skeleton that is knife, bullet and bomb proof like a Cyborg!


The king of Saudi Arabia and other sickeningly wealthy men not only buy these slaves for sex, but use them for personal body guards!


Too bad Gaddafi couldn’t have ordered a whole squadron of these babes when he needed them!


But now you can! Right now! But you’ll only need one! or…

Imagine yourself treating her like a REAL sex slave and having her LOVE you for it!


Into wife beating and abuse?


You’ll never be charged with assault or wife abuse again!

NOW imagine using and abusing her like a real sex slave was meant to be used and abused!

If that’s all you wanna do, then go for it! Beat the shit out of her! She’ll scream and cry and beg you for mercy as you abuse, beat and thrash the fuck out of her!


She’s built to take it. Over night her cuts and bruises will be completely healed and she’ll be ready for morning ACTION!

Men who love to beat women are some of our biggest customers!


They slap them, punch them, kick them, tie them, hang them from ropes or chains, stick needles in their nipples, torture them with electricity and fire and deliver beatings more vicious then Claude Van Dam ever could!

…and when its all said and done, at the end end of the night your sex slave’s self-repairing skin starts to heal and they affectionately snuggle up to you to tell you they love you and send you into a sleep of bliss and sweet dreams!


Now you’re probably wondering how much would one of these amazing creatures will set you back.

Before I tell you the price, don’t start getting tense and think you’re gonna have to grab your dick and bite on a stick to take the shock and then rob a bank to buy one!

You are about to be pleasantly surprised unless you have no problem paying the full price up front like those rich Sheiks!


If you’re an ordinary guy the price of these honeys will put tears in your eyes!

But don’t you worry one little bit! Because I’ve partnered up with a secret company in Japan that makes these honeys and I can get you a mind-blowing, cock-blowing deal.

You see, when I went to Japan to meet the owners last weekend they were so hot for me, they immediately started begging me if they could cast my face and make a special “ricky d. Sex Slave

I said sure, but only under one condition! Any of my fans buying from this site would get THE deal of a lifetime!


Those Japanese guys got a deal of a lifetime from me too! They were astounded when I let them all fuck me for free –and let them fuck me as many times as they wanted until they were too pooped to pop!

They all kept begging me for more even though they were to0 exhausted to get it up and some poor guys even OD-ed on Viagra so they could keep going!

They simply couldn’t get enough of me and I couldn’t get enough of them.

I was on a secret mission to see if Japanese guys’ dicks were as tiny as my girlfriends working in Japan said they were. They are!

056 (8)

The biggest guy I balled was no bigger than four inches!


But little did they know I LOVE little dicks in my ass because they don’t hurt at all and these little Japs have hundred mile an hour asses and could make MY ass multiple orgasm all over the place!

They were so enchanted with me that they practically gave away the keys to their amazing business.


But like I said, all I wanted in return was a special deal for my fans buying these Japanese-made sex slaves exclusively from my web site.


Even the rich guys in Europe can’t get a DEAL OF THE CENTURY like this and have to pay zee full price!


Are you ready? These sex slaves normally sell for $750,000 dollars, US!

But you won’t pay even a fraction of this price.


I know how the Japs do business and so I could get you guys a life-time payment plan where you only end up spending $20 a month! b

Any of you guys who know math can tell me that, at that rate, you would never pay off a slave in your entire life time!


But the Japanese do business differently than we do here in North America, and they gobbled up this cheap payment plan because it actually ends up making them a profit above the $750,000 dollars American so they were more than happy to make a deal with me.


So who’s ready to make a deal of a lifetime for the girl of their dreams?


Act now, and leave me a comment in my comments box if you’re interested in this craZy deal.


I cunt wait to hear from you!

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