You don’t have to be “cool”.

You don’t have to be a pick-up artist.

And you don’t even have to look good!

That’s because your biggest sex organ and everybody else’s biggest sex organ is the brain. What that means is that sex attraction is all in zee mind! IN YOUR SOUL! And you know what they say, “The eyes are the window’s to the soul.”

Let me explain.

You can get in front of all the people you want without caring if they think you’re an idiot because they won’t! and YOU can still get all the free sex you want with all the HOT people you want!

Any moron can walk up to someone hot, thinking that all they have to do to pick up an incredibly fuckable piece of ass is to be friendly, and positive and just start talking.

And that’s why they’re dumb-ASSED morons: they make stupid calls in life, think all the wrong shit and make all the wrong moves!

Besides, since when have you ever heard of an ASS being able to understand English?

Tired of talking to ASS?

….and getting no action?

But you won’t have to talk the talk, or walk the walk, or walk the talk and talk the walk—and all the rest of that bullshit they’re humping on internet pick-up courses these days!


That’s what my “SEX CONTROL” system is all about!

I will PERSONALLY show you how to channel your incredible sex drive, your overwhelming horny-ness and undeniable desire for good wild sex into a laser beam of sexual charisma!


Hook up with me, ricky d. And let me teach YOU!

If you let it happen, your life is about to get better beyond anything you could ever imagine!

Your new success with the opposite sex (or even the same sex!) will change everything in your life for the better! You’re going to have more energy than you’ve ever had in your life. If you’re not already, you will see yourself transforming into someone slim and attractive…and you’ll start to have the best sex you’ve ever had in your life…

…and the MOST sex you’ve ever had in your life!


Just when you think after graduating from my SEX CONTROL sessions you can’t take another fuck…


In walks HOTTNESS. Your eyes connect and if you think you want her…

You give her “the look”. Your dick gets hard. Her pussy gets soggy and starts to quiver with excitement.

Just picture yourself out on the town for a night to celebrate your new image: There’s a new spring in your step and a lively gleam in your eye. People stop to stare as you saunter by, admiring your new powerful SEXY lean body, as you exude the essence of animal magnetism!


When you focus “the look” I will show you how to create…

On anyone of your heart’s desire…

039 (3)

You don’t have to read minds. Instead, using my “SEX CONTROL” system, draw them towards you with irresistible attraction and horny-ness specifically for your body!

Without you even saying a word or having to open your mouth!

But opening your mouth is always good—not for talking, for eating all the pussy you’re going to get!

Horny looking guys scare women or at least turn them off.


That’s the last way you want to come across!


Most horny guys look horny, so you are going to rise above the pack!


All because animal magnetism means projecting a look in your eyes that drives women to you with unbridled abandon.


Think I’m getting carried away with myself? Hardly!


Instead of you repulsing women like a drooling pervert stalking every hot girl you see, you’ll come across as that unique wild sex partner they’ve been searching for all their lives!


With my “SEX CONTROL SYSTEM” you will become a SEX MAGNET!

You’ll be having so much sex with exactly the type of HOT attractive people you could only dream about fucking before! You won’t even need to become a member of my sex club, or go spending tons of money joining and traveling to paid sex clubs far away from home!

That’s because all the MIND-BLOWING SEX you can handle will always be WHERE EVER YOU ARE!

*Where you live.

*Where you work.

*Where you shop…even your grocery store!

*The clubs and bars you’ve been hanging out in.

*The clubs and “high class” bars you’ve always wanted to try but…

You where too afraid to! Maybe you’ve always thought you weren’t attractive enough, rich enough, too out of shape, or even too fat!

With my “SEX CONTROL SYSTEM” you don’t ever have to be,






With my “SEX CONTROL SYSTEM” imagine yourself being in a large grocery store like “The Great Canadian Superstore” and with “the look” you aim at any person you desire, capture their attention instantly!

Imagine yourself at your favourite club or bar where you’ve been thinking big, but haven’t had much “success” before (where you unknowingly keep repeating the same mistakes every weekend). The moment you make eye contact with all the hot girls…

Suddenly you are being “hit on” by attractive HOT girls you don’t even know!

After firing them “the look”, anything you say will now be able to resonate with them as an, “offer they can’t refuse”! Any movements you make will radiate irresistible sensuality. With this new look in your eye, and a brand new special aura about you that I will teach you how to create… You will!

Instantly command anyone’s mouth-watering, weak-in-the-knees, overwhelming arousal FOR YOU!

I’m sure you’ve been astounded to run into a couple at least once in your horny life, where a beautiful woman is hanging off the arm of a guy who’s as ugly as sin and wonder…”He must have a dick as long and wide as the Great Wall of China…” Right?

Wrong! He might even have a cock as small as a baby carrot for that matter! The next time you see a guy like this with a girl like that, take a closer look at his eyes and get a sense of his aura. No doubt, his animal magnetism is so strong it will make you uncomfortable, all the while its making her panties wet.

This is my proof and you can verify it anywhere in real life where these kinds of miss-matched couples can be found.

If you still need more proof, go fuck yourself!

Just teasing! But if you’re horny and out of control, I don’t blame you, ONE BIT!

Hell! I was even skeptical about this new “teaching” talent I discovered in myself. My years of working the streets as a child hooker told me it wasn’t just my good looks that made me a fortune. What my costumers told me was actually far from it. All my “tricks” told me what I could ACTUALLY do to their minds, was overwhelming.

They said that as soon as they pulled over to talk “business”, the look in my eyes drove them over the edge with passion for me and me alone and at that moment they would have paid anything to fuck me!

Luckily for them I am a good girl, and never charged them anymore then 50 bucks for the works.

As time flew by and I eventually made enough money to retire, I started thinking about this “look” my men told me I had made them almost lose their minds with desire for me. They said they could tell I wasn’t just doing it for the money, but that I actually enjoyed it.

And they were right! By the time I was sixteen, I knew I was a full-blown (excuse the pun) NYMPHO! All the money I was making was just icing on the cake. I just loved to fuck, and my costumers knew it! This is why I was never attacked and ripped off: my customers treated me like gold. Even more, everyone of them tipped me another $100 for my fifty dollar service because I made them feel like supermen.

Yet I wasn’t doing anything consciously to create this effect! I could service easily 20 guys a night before I started to even think about getting tired. I was always having too much fun!


I worked the streets from the time I was 10 until my 21st birthday when I earned enough money to retire forever. I was probably the youngest multimillionaire in Canada. Getting there from using just what God gave me: my eyes, my ass, my mouth and my cunt! And loving every minute of it!

After retiring from “the life” I started to ROCK OUT and write about all my adventures, but by the time I was 23 I missed all those men (and women)! That’s when I started my weekend sex club by inviting all the hot people I was fucking during my shopping trips and hanging out in the summer at my favourite nude beach during the week days.


What I kept hearing from them over and over again, is that it wasn’t because I looked like a model, but that there was something in my eyes that was making everyone so horny for me.

As long you were clean and didn’t have bad breath, I fucked every one I met—guys and girls alike—and believe me, most of them weren’t pretty. It was just that the sex made them so!

Eventually it dawned on me to see if I could “share” this talent, this special look in my eyes, with my guests.

Sure, there were lots of people who came to my sex parties who were hot enough to get by on their own sexual magnetism, but many new members felt so lucky to be invited, they thought they’d died and gone to heaven. They all told me they’d never been exposed to so much hot sex with so many hot people, and the only thing they were sad about was when it was time for them to leave because they knew they’d never be able to get hot people, all on their own.

That’s when it hit me and the lightning of creation struck twice!

First, I got the idea that I could teach people this trick of mine.

Second, that I could teach it to shy or unattractive people who needed help scoring sex with beautiful people. And do you know what?


It worked on everyone I personality taught it to!

But I was even more baffled and confused. Even though I could do it, I still didn’t understand HOW I was doing it. It was bugging me so much, I eventually dumped my perplexing problem on my personal psychiatrist. I met her not because I thought I needed “help”, but I actually ran into her at my favourite nude beach: she “discovered” me!

After she fucked my brains out in the water she couldn’t believe how I could fuck so many people on the beach for the rest of the afternoon almost non-stop. She wanted to “study” me… Asked me if I would become her Guinea Pig Nympho. I said sure, why the hell not? I thought it would be fun. After going to her regularly, for many months, she finally admitted something shocking. She told me that after all this time, she still couldn’t figure out what made me tick!

That’s when I told her there was something about myself that I couldn’t understand even though it was a good thing. I told her my “secret” teaching skill and she was flabbergasted. She recorded the whole session where I told her every detail I could think of. After I was finally done rambling she told me she was fascinated and said her first impression of my “skill” was that it had something to do with a natural hypnotic ability I had. She asked me if she could study my interview on tape and get back to me when she thought she’d figured out what I was actually doing.


A few weeks later I got her email. Before I let you see it, and show you what she said, I should tell you a little about her:


Dr. Lorne Roberts is a certified psychiatrist, published author, professor of psychology and guest lecturer at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Manitoba. She also happens to be my personal psychiatrist! I see her once a week for her personal research into Nymphomania. I told her she could test me and research me as long as she wants to, but I don’t need to be treated or counseled. If I’m crazy with a neurosis or whatever, I’m good, cause it works for me!

Here is what Dr. Roberts wrote:

Dear ricky d first let me tell you right off the bat that your system even worked for me. But after weeks of studying both your system and you, I regret I still can not tell you how it works. All I can tell you now is that it has something to do with hypnosis, but of a very unique and special type. Conventionally, the psychologist using hypnosis, implants suggestions into the client’s mind by simply telling him what to think. Even the hypnotic “trance” a subject must first go under, is created by the Shrink with simple suggestions, i.e. “You’re getting sleepy…”. But as you probably already know ricky, medical hypnosis only works for 30% of patients. Your SEX CONTROL SYSTEM on the other hand works in reverse of conventional hypnosis so technically, it isn’t really hypnosis at all! With your SEX CONTROL SYSTEM you teach your “subjects” how to give themselves the suggestions. The reason I wouldn’t say it’s just another version of hypnosis like Conversational Hypnosis, or Self-Hypnosis is that you never put the client into a trance to do it. Neither do you teach your subjects how to put themselves into a trance to give themselves the key suggestions. This is because your key suggestions are themselves the trance! Since you are ON to something very new and completely unique, it is difficult to make it any more clearer than I have. I just know that 100% of the people you have tried it on could have sex with anyone they wanted. Just like you made it work for me! The reason I think your SEX CONTROL SYSTEM works for everyone is that once they are in the trance magnetic state, they never get out of it. I now must be careful of whoever I look directly in the eye or they’ll be all over me!

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Lorne Roberts

If you don’t want to see for yourself and prove what I’m telling you with your own eyes, then just listen to what other people are saying about me, ricky d. and my super SEX CONTROL SYSTEM. These letters started trickling into my private email and now they are gushing in to my home computer. I’ve delightedly been keeping them to myself while taking a break from my site and perfecting my new system but now it’s high time I let you see what other people are saying:

“I thought you were fucking me at your sex party just because you’re a nympho and you’d fuck anybody. Little did I know you were teaching me your SEX CONTROL SYSTEM on the sly! I couldn’t believe after I was finished with you, that every girl at your house was begging me to fuck them! I don’t know how you did it ricky but it kept on working after I got back to my home town—and its still working today!”

John Houser, BC., Canada

“I can’t believe what you did for me ricky d. In only after a week of using your system, I’m getting more girls than I can handle! Not just any girls too! Hot sexy ones! Your system works just like you said it would!”

Kelly Larson, Saskatchewan, Canada

“You little bitch! I love you! When you took me aside after breakfast Saturday morning after your first night of your weekend sex party and told me you wanted to try something new on me you’d been working on, I thought it was gonna be one of your crazy sex tricks! In a way I guess it was, but I never expected this: Monday morning at work the following week, the girls in my office who’ve been treating me like dirt ever since I started working there, were now climbing right up my ass, begging me for it! When you warned me what to expect, I thought you were bullshitting me! I’m forever in your debt, ricky d.”

Berry Christian, Alberta Canada

“You’d think my dick would be falling off by now after putting ricky d.‘s SEX CONTROL to good use, but to my amazement, I’m stronger harder and ever more intimate then I ever used to be. I’m grateful to you!”

Kim “Cock Miester” Cuntstant, Gimi Beach, Manitoba, CANADA

“Dear ricky d., this is like a dream. A good dream come true. I still have to pinch myself every now and then to make sure I’m still awake– when I’m fucking the hottest girls I’d never thought I’d be able to get without paying!”

Kevin Williams, Ontario, Canada

“I almost never tried the system you taught me ricky d. But I’m sure thankful I did! At first I was too scared cause I couldn’t stand another broken heart if it didn’t work. I was almost suicidal before I finally took the plunge because I’ve never been able to get laid expect with ugly dogs, and having to pay for mostly them too! Now I can’t go anywhere without Hotties jumping out of the woodwork to ask me if I could go home with them! This system really knocked my socks off! I don’t even wear them anymore cause I got tired of having to put them on and take them off all the time with the impossible amount of beautiful women I’m getting FOR FREE, ON MY OWN at the weirdest times, in the weirdest places! Once I finally learned “the look”, it was a game changer for me. And lucky thing too, cause I still don’t know much English (I had to get a friend to help me write you this—and now he wants to learn your SEX CONTROL SYSTEM too!)”

Jacques LePlant, Quebec, Canada

“You ROCK ricky d.! I always thought I was too poor, too ugly and not good with words enough to pick up hot white girls. I’m a proud First Nations Sioux and I’ve always had a thing for hot white women but no luck until now! Now I’m swimming in Hot White Pussy thanks to you! Even better, now I don’t ever have to pay for it! Now these hotties tell me I’m such a beautiful Indian guy and I don’t even know why. But I just go with it! Your SEX CONTROL SYSTEM is crazy! I’m glad I trusted you with my balls. Now they’ll always be in good hands!”

Frank Thunder Horse, North Dakota, USA

Does this sound interesting to you?

Leave me your comments in my comments box and I’ll get right back with my personal email.

Love you guys, ricky d. xxxxxxxxxx!

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  1. michael Theobald

    Hi My sweet gorgeous friend I missed you I think that would be awesome to be a sex god that just made me go hard for you Ricky I hope you had a awesome rest maybe your next rest it would be here with me I’m doing good fishing season is all most here so I will let you go know and it’s awesome to se you back Gorgeous Bye Love Michael OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

    • rickyd

      Happy Easter Mikey! How’s your eggs? Or should I say, your girlfriend’s eggs! Don’t let them hatch! Eat ’em if you got ’em! It’s a great birth control method! Suck them right out through zee pussy! You can’t be a sex god if you have to worry about raising kids! I’m happy you are interested in my SEX CONTROL SYSTEM! I’ll let you know when it’s ready! If you can concentrate on being a good prize-winning fisherman, you’d do well with my system! Plan on getting a bigger boat with all zee hot chicks who’re gonna wanna cum with you on a fishing trip so you can fuck their brains out after you got your line in! Love, ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      • michael Theobald

        Thanks Ricky sorry If I did not get back to you. Well Don’t you worry about my girlfriends eggs we don’t want kids will if I did fuck all of the girls in your post I had to get a cruise Ship so the girls had there own rooms So I can come and fuck them. But don’t worry Ricky I’d safe a room for you to and your hot half sister and the rest of your lady friends Bye for knoe Love always Michael OXOXOXOXOX

        • rickyd

          Hi Mikey! I’m glad your eggs are safe! Once I teach you this amazing skill zee only thing you’ll have to worry about is what to do with all zee chicks who’ll be hitting on you! Zee solution to your problem is just take ’em one at a time! You won’t need to buy anything extra like a bigger house, boat or van unless you want an entourage of horny chicks for you everywhere you go. Travel light and be zee sex machine of their dreams! Speaking of “sex machines”, keep an eye out for my next “super post”! You will be intrigued! Love ricky d. xxxx

          • michael Theobald

            Hi I’m glad that you are safe and doing well keep up the good work and can’t wait for your next post and I will still have a fuck saved just for you and I will have lots of condom’s so we can Fuck All NIGHT WOW THAT JUST MADE ME GO HARD WISH I CAN SHOW YOU MY HARD COCK BYE LOVE ALWAYS MICHAEL OXOXOXOXOXOX

          • rickyd

            Hey Mikey! My next post should be ready by zee weekend. I’m sure you’re gonna LOVE it! Lots of massive fresh pics and a new product I found that even your mother could appreciate: your own private sex slave! In zee meantime I’m making YOU, “Cock of the Month”! You’ve showed me your juicy cock before on facebook but I’d love to post it on a new page on this site called–you guessed it: “Cock of the Month”. I’ll be taking a new web site building course soon and they should be teaching me how to fuck—er, I mean, build a page where my fans can post any pictures they want! I’ll let you know if its possible after I finish zee course. I’m sure when my girl fans see your big dick from all angles, they’ll be emailing you to fill their buns with your succulent sausage! Love, ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. michael Theobald

    Hi Ricky that sounds good to me Can’t wait for that post and the new web site That’s ok with me If you want to do that with my Dick Pictures It’s Ok with me and tell all the girls you have that you have not ride my dick yet but you will and if they like to ride my dick I’m up for it. Say Hi To your gorgeous Half sister for me tell her I miss her pictures and yes I miss your also Ricky Bye For know Love always Michael OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

    • rickyd

      Mikey, Mikey! Cool your jets dude! I said a “new page” on this –my website, not a whole new website! But I am happy you’re so excited! You put a smile on my face and a grin on my wet juicy cunt! So keep saving your dick snaps and if I can learn how to post ’em we’ll give facebook a run for its money! Love, ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxox

      • michael Theobald

        Hi Ricky Ok My bad I guess I get to excited I thought You where making a all new website can’t wait to see you new Post bye for know have a good week Love Always Michael

  3. Andre Laperriere

    Hi Ricky-D I miss you love your page about your sex control technic I will always think about you how beautiful and sexy you are but you are so naughty and it make me one day meet you and make crazy love to you so I hope your ok and having a great time love you Andre

    • rickyd

      Hey Sweetie! I’m back! Tell you what happened later. Shouldn’t have been walking around naked in my back yard. I was kidnapped but just escaped. Love you babe! xoxoxoxoxoxox ricky d.

  4. michael Theobald

    Hi Ricky hope you are safe I miss talking to you and it’s been a while since you had post something on here so I just thought that I’d say Hi and see how are you keeping. BYE love Michael P.S SAFE A FUCK FOR YOU AND YOUR SISTER AND FRIENDS hope you post more of you bye

  5. michael Theobald

    Hi Ricky hope you are safe me worried coz you have and posted nothing for the mouth of July I was hoping I’d get a picture of you spending your legs so I can make a birthday wishes all over your sweet pussy but it’s to late hope all is good Bye love Michael

    • rickyd

      Happy birthday honey! I’m back! Tell you what happened to me later. Wild sshiit! oxoxoxox ricky d.

      • michael Theobald

        Thanks for the birthday wishes and I’m glad you are ok me Will I’m not ok still fucking lonely no girlfriend no more she left me do not know who or where she is with but can’t wait to fuck you Ricky when you come to see me I will have a lets of condoms so we can of lets of good SEX Ok Bye Love Michael

        • rickyd

          You deserve a DOUBLE birthday poor baby! So happy birthday AGIAN Mikey! xxxxxxxxx You are a man! so go replace that stupid bitch that left you. Take her leaving as a opportunity to go fishing for new pussy! Don’t wait for me cause I won’t be going anywhere this summer. I disappeared this summer cause last April me and my slutty Sis snuck down to Mexico again and ended up in JAIL for 4 months! For a fucking TRAFFIC VIOLATION! All the police made us fuck them and all zee guys in jail for 4 straight months! Little did they know we are both NYMPHOS! So we had a riot! They even let us suntan naked on zee roof of zee jail and hosed us down when we got hot and fed us good food with lots of Corona beer for “good behaviour”! They hated to have to let us out! So I’m stick’n around here till next spring and we’ll see what happens. Hopefully you’ll get me and my slutty Sis next summer. So in zee meantime get fucking all zee hotties in your neighbourhood! Use all zee good stuff I’ve been teaching you! Just make sure they all look like Avril and Miley! Love ya sugar! ricky d. xoxoxoxoxox

          • michael Theobald

            Wow really Ricky that is fucked up all that just for a TRAFFIC VIOLATION wow I will go out and find a nether hot babe hope she looks like you like a like alike kind but wish I can find one that look like Miley And Avril but I like to fuck all of the hot lady celeb’s Hope all is good and can’t wait until you make your web site better so I can share my DICK with your lady friends BYE love Michael

          • rickyd

            Summer is almost over Mikey!Hope you were fishin & fucking all summer. I got some hot babes cummin atcha real soon with my new article, “Sex Slave”. Have an eye out for it by this weekend as I’m just getting my horny life back on track after Mexican jail time! Love ya horney toad! ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxxx

          • michael Theobald

            Hi Ricky yes I have been fishing a lot the fucking part will not so much I have just seen your post’s for August and I must say wow wish I can fuck all the girls in the picture the one I like the must is with Joanna Angel in it she is one of me favorite porn stars so have a good night. love Michael

          • rickyd

            Glad you liked it and HER! Since she’s one of your favs I’ll keep and eye out for her and post more when I get em! Now down to bus’ness: YOu CAN fuck all these girls! Or at least ones who look like them. You’ve got to get out and MIX at your local sex clubs! Love ya Mikey! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ricky d.

          • michael Theobald

            HI Ricky Yes I know I but we do not have any sex clubs here but we do have strip clubs but some of the girls I have seen there are not my cup of tea if you know what I mean. To bad you can’t put up your sex video’s on here coz I love to see you and your gorgeous half sister fuck each other like crazy. Take care BYE Love Michael OXOXOXOXOXOX

          • rickyd

            Hey Mikey! You poor thing! You are just not looking HARD enough! There are sex clubs where ever there are people. Zee best way to find a sex club is to drop into your local neighbourhood Porn Store, Adult video store, etc and just ask zee counter person, “Where can I find zee nearest local sex club?” If they don’t know off hand, then they will probably refer you to a “Swingers” magazine they sell. Look through that and you’ll find one. But hell, honey bunny! didn’t you say you’re from Belville? There’s got to one there. But isn’t Belville near Toronto? Fuck! There’s at least a million sex clubs in Toronto–or zee surrounding area. If you’re too shy to ask, just tell me where you fucking live again and I will try to find some good clubs to show off and use your hot cock in! I know what you mean about strip clubs. But there ARE some small town strip bars where you can meet a stripper, buy her a drink, and if she’s friendly, ask her out to dinner. A lonely stripper in a small town who’s friendly enough to go out to dinner with you will usually invite you back to her motel/hotel room for a “drink” and a good FREE fuck! (If you don’t count zee price of dinner–but hell! dinner for two is a hell of a lot cheaper then paying a dirty HO!) I’m working on zee video angel with my sister–but these things take time to do up real pro–cause old sis won’t do a cheap FREE smart phone shoot! Chow for now sweetie! Hugs and kisses. Take care my love and talk soon! ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

          • michael Theobald

            Hi Rickey I have some good news I found a girl on face book and we are meeting over the week end she live in Toronto Ontario and she would like to meet she ask me where I live and when I told her she said cool and ask if we can meet she sand me a picture and wow she got some bog boobs and one hell of a ass and she told me she like to fuck girls to so when you come over and see me we can have a 3some I’d show you what she looks like but I can’t on your page so I just thought I’d give you the good news so take care bye LOVE Michael

          • rickyd

            Way to go Babe! You are now officially a Sex God! Rock on sweetie! xoxoxoxoxo ricky d.

          • michael Theobald

            Hi gorgeous Ricky thought I’d check in to see how you are and to tell you I’m still fucking that girl I told you about and I just had a 3some with her and one of her friends wow that was the best 3some I had in a long time hope all is good and oh HAPPY HELLOWEEN Ricky hope you are wearing something sexy foe HELLOWEEN. Bye Love Michael OXOXOXOXOX

          • rickyd

            Hey Mikey! I’m soooo happy to hear zee great news! You rock brother! Fuck every thing you want! I’m so excited for you I’m doing handstands naked! I’m going to a special sex party for Halloween this weekend and I hope to show a picture of what I wore (whore) after!@!@! Love you to pieces you fishy HUNK! ricky d. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

          • michael Theobald

            hi Ricky wow that’s awesome have fun and is it a fuck Halloween party if so have fun and I wish it was you I was fucking but don’t worry I will fuck you one day and doing handstands naked I’d love to see that wow hope you have a picture of you doing a handstand will bye for know LOve Michael oxoxoxox

          • michael Theobald

            Hi My sweet gorgeous Ricky hope you are Ok and safe I have not seen you on here for a while Me WORRIED but I’m doing good still fucking like crazy and hope to get to fuck you like crazy very soon hope you have a good night and can’t wait for more post you know Christmas is coming PLEASE post some Naughty Christmas girls for me and I’d like to see you and your half sister and your good friends you have. BYE love always with hugs and kisses MICHAEL

          • rickyd

            MY sweet gorgeous COCK of my life, Mikey! I know I’ve been a bad girl, but I hoped that my last Mega-Post would keep you lovely horny dudes happy for a while, but I’m in DEEP in re-making my site into zee greatest Amateur Porn Movie site on zee planet! I won’t be down in time for Christmas, but when I do CUM to you it will be to shoot your MASSIVE dick–with my High-H movie camera that is! Fucking my eyes out and fucking me to Multiple-O glory reaming my ass out for all zee world to enjoy! I’ll bring my Sis of course so you can make her walk funny! Are you ready my love? In zee meantime I WILL have a break soon to make another Mega-Post of Christmas Cunts just for you! Love, ricky d. xoxoxoxox

          • michael Theobald

            Hi my sweet gorgeous Ricky Wow you just made me go hard as a rock wish I can show you but can’t I can’t wait to put my cock in your sweet wet Pussy and fuck you deep and put my lips on your pussy wow I just went Hard again. Bye LOVE MICHAEL

          • michael Theobald

            Hi Ricky Thought I’d say Hi and wish you a Marry Christmas wish you where here with me so we can have a Christmas FUCK hope all is good and please be safe say Hi to your Sis for me and I’m sending KISSES to you and your half sister Bye and oh HAPPY NEW YEARS. LOVE ALWAYS MICHAEL OXOXOXOX

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