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  1. Andre Laperriere

    Hey Ricky I got your story about the bull rider and I will start reading it this weekend and I will let you know about it and yes I do know how to read you funny woman and yes you are so sexy and beautiful and I can’t wait ti meet you cause I’m hungry for you love xxxooo

    • rickyd

      Hey Sugar Cock! I said you don’t like to read not you can’t read! Just because you keep putting it off. People who like to read start reading their new book to see if its any good or not. But now I’m excited that you say you are going to start this weekend. I wrote it in real simple English so anyone can enjoy it without having to fuck around with big words! People gots better things to do with their time than fuck with hard to read books, like fuck around with other people! Your picture looks better and better! I hope you like my work and don’t think it sucks. That’s my job! Like I said, I’m more interested in people enjoying my books than zee money!

  2. Andre Laperriere

    I miss you so much cause I love everything you do for us out there and I love you so much

    • rickyd

      I miss you too Andre! After I got kicked off Facebook you never came here to give me your horny words of wisdom so I thought you were in love with facebook more and didn’t want to leave to it to cum here! Thanks for writing and you come back soon now! My site and my legs are always open for you! I never blamed you though for forgetting about me cause there’s lots of pages on facebook with porn. They never did tell me why they let everyone else post porn (even on “Community Pages” like mine was) and not me. They just said I was a sexual terrorist and booted me zee fuck out! I am certainly sexual, but certainly NOT a terrorist! I suppose it was what I said that they didn’t like and not my pictures~too many wise cracks against zee Canadian and American government. But then again I like being called a “Sexual Terrorist” because that’s why I built this page ~ to promote sexual freedom everywhere ~ and to help protect zee animals and zee beautiful environment! Visit me here everyday then and you won’t have to miss me so much. Until we meet, Love ricky d. xxx

  3. Andre Laperriere

    Happy thanksgiving my love hope you have a great horny day I think of you everyday hope one day to meet you love Andre

    • rickyd

      Happy Thanksgiving Sweetie! I have a great horny day, everyday! As far as you thinking of me everyday, I hardly believe that. If you thought about me you would have wanted to read my books. You say you only got one and it was not even mine! Your description of it was ridiculous and did not even fit what my book was about. That’s why I think you are an Alky: you don’t even know what you are saying. I hate being lied to especially about my books. I would much rather hear you hated zee one book you say you did get, and why, then to read zee drivel you wrote me. Lots of people disrespect me for being a nympho and an ex-hooker and even for joking around on my pictures, but when it comes to my books please have zee decency to leave even a short one-sentence review on zee Amazon order page about one of my books even if you hated it then to tell me nonsense that doesn’t even describe what I wrote! That’s what really hurts my feelings zee most about what you say because I know in my heart that if you had really read my books (not just one I didn’t even write) you would have loved them and told me so, and told me things you really liked when you read them. So have a happy thanks giving and lots of fun and if you ever really do read a book I wrote, then talk to me about it and I’ll talk back. Again, if you don’t like what I write just tell me and I won’t be mad at you ~just disappointed, and stay friends on a simple sexual basis. I just hate all zee lies! Don’t tell me you love, and think of me everyday and you don’t even care to read my books. When you read my books, you read my mind. When you have a lover, you always want to know what they think! Fucking and loving are two different things. I hope you find both. Love, ricky

  4. Andre Laperriere

    Merry Christmas Rick-d have a sexy day

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